About Rachel


Hello and Welcome,

I’m Rachel a portrait photographer who focuses on women portraiture. I help you feel confident and empowered in front of the camera.

I create elegant portraits with a fashion twist that make you stand out of the crowd.

I will work with you, to understand your style and personality, helping you choose your best outfit, to create your amazing portraits.

My latest photography project about Women over 50 who reinvented themselves has been exhibited in London. My photography is to help mostly Women step into their zone of brilliance.

I’m currently researching a new project about Women Who are game changers in the UK.

My biggest picture: is to help women get their mojo back in front of the camera and embrace who they are both her in the Uk and the world.

MA Fine Art Photography -
University of West London.

Featured in Publications:
Professional Photographer, Business Women Scotland Mag (cover), Hoffman UK mag, In Taste Kent, The art of portrait (Summer 2018), Picton Magazine (Sep2019 -247)

I create portraits for private commissions, PR, public profiles and personal branding. I create fashion photography for boutique brands and small business.


Honourable Mention, International Photography Awards 2019
Bronze awards The Portraits Masters 2019
Listed on 50 phenomenal photographers list curated by Fiona Humberstone the Brand Stylist.
Bronze Tokyo International Photography Awards 2018
Honourable mention, International Photography Awards 2018
Bronze awards The Portraits Masters 2018
Bronze awards The Portraits Masters 2017

Exhibition :
Depot Cinema Lewes September 2019
- Women Who Reinvented Themselves after 50 - featured during the Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF)
Brick Lane gallery June 2019 - Women Who Reinvented Themselves after 50.

Are you freaking out at the idea of being photographed?



Most days when not photographing in my studio, you can find me walking in a pair of Converse, camera in hand, eye catching great locations for a personal branding or editorial photo shoot, or packing my suitcase for the next trip. Photographer, light chaser, obsessed with style and travel who loves to see women illuminate in front of her camera! 

The most amazing places I have been to are Mumbai and Havana, Rome, Barcelona and Strasbourg are cities close to my heart. I believe in slow living, making every moment count.

One of my favourite treats is to enjoy the summer sunshine on a beach, book in hand, after 4 pm. I greatly enjoy cooking and baking for my family of 5 (I am the mum of three teenage boys!), buying white flowers and giving back, I was a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation between 2013-2016.

What I love in photographs: Portraits, emotions, light, style and elegance. I am taken by beautiful photography and renaissance paintings.

My photography is elegant, fashion style with an edge, my portraits show strength, boldness; they're simple, yet powerful.

What I want to give you,  an amazing experience, a transformation, see you shinning up, connecting with your true self in front of the camera!  I create portraits to make your heart jump and mesmerise you. Letting your authentic self shine through, you don’t have to pretend, you are enough!