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Rachel Vogeleisen London Portrait Photographer

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Rachel Vogeleisen

Being creative is my superpower. What is yours? Throw ideas at me, and I will devise a plan for your photo shoot. Every client I take on board has a different story, and the approach will differ for each of you. I have this insatiable desire to create, tell stories, and trigger emotions. 

I love to show beauty, and create an environment where people can imagine themselves. I love celebrating WOMANHOOD, the feminine and what makes a woman. Her story, how she came about, found her unique voice, and how she stands up for herself. 

I love the process of working on a photography project as much as I like creating photographs. The anticipation and the creative thinking are everything I love about a project that I can work on from scratch. 

I work with people who do align with my vision. What I offer is me, I give you my creativity, my passion and experience which are all unique to me. If this aligns with you, then let’s chat’s.

My Motto

Born to create. I love to create beauty, sharing the story of a trailblazer woman and how she found her unique voice.

It looks like portraits and artwork that you want to hang on your walls. You are ready to share your story and work with someone who can help you share voice.


I’m an emulator for your unique voice. I give you a platform to express yourself through photography. I’m here to facilitate what you want to share with the world, helping you bring your message alive and create an impact with what you have to say. Don’t stay silent anymore what do you have to say? How do you want to say it?

What difference do I make?

About Rachel London Portrait Photographer

Read about photography, being an artist, travel, get inspired to live your best life.

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Rachel London Portrait Photographer

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  • it was easier and less intimidating than I feared I am not really sure what I expected but it was easier and less intimidating than I feared . The direction and support on the day was great and we got through more images and looks than I thought we might. The end results were beautiful.

    KATE L.

  • Rachel Vogeleisen is an amazing photographer we have work with Rachel on a number of occasions. Rachel’s ability to tell your brand story using her camera is amazing. Rachel has produced behind the scenes as well as photographing my bridal collection of dresses. Rachel understands our brand and the message we wish to communicate to our targeted audience. Rachel is also about to lend support & advise for your brand. I can’t recommend Rachel enough. Every brand needs a Rachel Vogeleisen to work her magic!!

    Kate Edmondson Bridal Couture

  • I really enjoyed it! The hair/make-up was a lot of fun to do, and it was nice to have for going out to dinner afterwards. The shoot itself was comfortable and empowering — Rachel made a big effort to avoid anything feeling awkward/uncomfortable, and I felt very beautiful in the moment.

    Mary S.

  • I am so thrilled with the whole experiences and the final images! I couldn’t have had a better experience. I highly recommend Rachel for her professionalism & artistry on any project in the future!

    Jessica, Personal Stylist, NYC

  • The images are wonderful and far surpassed my expectations! I thought I would feel more strange or uncomfortable, but it was much more relaxed than I anticipated. I look incredible but also like myself, which was a wonderful outcome.

    Anna P.

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