Personal Branding / Headshot portrait sessions


I’m sure you have a lot to tell about your business, you have thought trough the copy for your website, your marketing, you called in the expert to make sure that your copy and graphics reflect your brand and your values.

Now if I ask you? How are you showing yourself in your business? Have you thought through the images that you use to tell brand story, if not? Why? You don't know where to start?

 This is where I come into the frame. How?

Forget the headshot, personal branding is like more stylish, more magazine editorial its' more YOU. My specialty is to take contemporary styled personal branding portraits that are going to uplift your brand. Make you look like a strong and feminine woman that's truly going to bring your brand in 2019!

What makes a great headshot?

Lets go beyond the technique, of course professional equipment is "de rigueur", portraits and headshot though are all about connections. Great connections make indeed great portrait and headshots. You are bringing your personality and as your portrait photographer I will put you at ease, guide and position you towards the camera for a relaxed and natural shot with a spontaneous and warm expression, that lets your personality shine through.

How do I prepare for my headshot?

You will get a 15 minutes consultation with me via Skype or on the phone, to understand what you want out of your portrait session, we will discuss together how you should prepare for it. The camera pulls how you are feeling, so come prepared feeling your best. Choose an outfit that will ooze your confidence. The session includes a make over with a make up artist so all you have to do is relax!

What do I wear?

Keep it simple. medium and dark colours tend to be more flattering than lighter ones, avoid busy pattern that might be a distractionA headshot focuses on your head and uppers shoulders so choose something that flatters your neckline and falls well on your collarbone. The most important enjoy your session!

What if I want more than just a headshot?

If you want something more than a headshot, then we will work together to tell your story with a full set of images that tell your brand story. I will either work with you for a full or half day. We will have a pre-shoot consultation to work a plan and the details of what you would to say with your images.

Up to 2 hours Professional Headshot/ Personal branding session including Professional Make up + 3 images start @ £497.00

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