Your time is now

Your time is now

Talking to a friend recently it stroke me how she was already thinking of downsizing from life. She's been offered to join a wedding flower arrangements business by a friend of hers, only two days a week and refused on the ground of her age, thinking it was too late for her to launch a business. I'm thinking of expanding instead.

My kids are becoming more independent, and I can finally fuel my ambition. I don't want to consider the idea of retiring just yet. I feel that I still have a lot to give! Years of learning and practice have given me a tremendous experience to share and helped me create a unique vision for each of my photography clients.


I feel that my time is now!

When I was younger, I didn't know what to do with my life and felt that I'd to choose a job like everybody else, play an expected role in society.  When I got married and had children, I'd prefer focusing my attention and time on the kids. It seems that there was always something to hold me back before I could step forward as a photographer. I probably didn't see the urgency, the way it hits you when you've reached 50.

I'm looking forward to every new opportunity that will come along in the next decades. My friend might not have realised that society is changing, age is just a number; the only limits are the one you believe in. Age isn't going to stop me; I will do everything in my power to keep healthy, continue learning and thriving in a job that I love. I don't want to spend my day shopping with no end to killing time.

To be honest, I don't think my friend has ever been very ambitious. She didn't see the opportunity that was offered to her as valuable because these are not her values, she might just appreciate enjoying herself, spending days, arranging flowers, crafting for herself without the pressure to make money and I get that. It also means that once she retires from her "regular job", she will focus on what she loves and take it very easy.

Whatever your path, don't limit yourself only because you feel it's too late. If you haven't done what you've always dreamed of yet, it might be because the time was not right, now is your chance, make the most of it!

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