How to customise your portrait photo shoot

You're ready to take a step towards celebrating yourself and it deserves to be a great experience for you and the one you've chosen to create the gorgeous portraits for you and your loved ones.  

You have some ideas, but you’re lost and not sure where to begin. Here’s an outline that'll help you get started:

•          What is the aim of your photo shoot?

 Are you celebrating something specific? Who will you be photographed with? What do you want to say with your images? Let’s start with a Pinterest board - create what I would call a mood board. Without over thinking too much, gather ideas and create a dream photo shoot board. Keep it secret if your prefer. Pinterest is undoubtedly my favourite social media! I use Pinterest a lot as a tool for inspiration, creating ideas for personal, editorial photo shoots and working with clients on every personal branding and portraits shoot.

•          Choose a theme for the shoot.

By setting a theme and a mood for the photo shoot, you'll be able to limit your focus. This will help you define a style, find the right location, choose a mood and a colour theme.

•    Create a vision.

Before Pinterest, to create a mood board you would tear pages from magazines and pin them to a wall. The principle of Pinterest is the same; you will choose images that fit your ideas. Select images from your searches for location, clothing, colour themes, props, accessories, designers or movies. This will indeed help your photographer to understand how you want to be photographed.

•    Be clear about what you want, don't hold back. 

Sharing a board will be very helpful, but nothing will help more than having a conversation with your photographer to make sure you have the same things in mind. From this conversation, your photographer will be able to write down a schedule and a scenario for your shot. This discussion will help you fine tune, setting on location (it might be in a studio or a great venue), working out what you're going to wear. Involve the make-up artist or perhaps bring a stylist on board.

Do not stop at London, Oxford could be a wonderful setting for your portrait photo shoot!

Do not stop at London, Oxford could be a wonderful setting for your portrait photo shoot!

Doing all this work up front will not only create a photoshoot unique to you but you'll also have a great experience on the day of your shoot. All you have to do is relax, thus creating amazing portraits that speak about who you are and make you exist in photographs!

Can't wait to get started? Follow my Pinterest account or get in touch via to discuss your ideas.