Why Exist in Photographs?

Why Exist in Photographs?

We don't wake up one morning saying "honey! today I will have my portrait taken!" We rather tend to avoid the camera as we get older, finding every excuse not to show ourselves, not even thinking about what it means to exist in photographs.

So what does exist in photography mean? I encourage you to step in front of the camera, embracing the women you're and creating images for your loved ones for them to cherish in the years to come.


I can hear you telling me:

  • As soon as I've lost weight

  • I'm too old

  • I'm not photogenic...

I understand what is holding you back and here to help you change to give you the opportunity to shine and blossom in front of the camera, for yourself and your loved ones. Perfection and fear are probably the two main culprits in avoiding the camera. Instead of thinking about what you want to avoid why not focus on what you would gain from stepping in front of the camera and have your portrait photoshoot to exist in photographs?

  • You gain confidence, I'm confident about it, as I see it with clients all the time. You will feel very nervous at first, focused on everything you don't like about yourself. Once your mind shifts to focus on the experience, you will blossom to let go and enjoy this amazing experience.

  • You create a legacy for your loved ones, why not bring a loved ones or more at the end of your photo shoot session and have portraits taken together. You will treasure these images every day.

  • Have your images in prints and the opportunity to display them in your home.

  • Wear your dream dress, why not hire a gorgeous dress just for the shoot and feel like a celebrity for the day?

  • Laugh and have fun, enjoy being the woman that you're at this stage of your life.

  • Go through an experience that will help you shift perception about you and your holdbacks.

Convinced? You can read more about reconnecting with the woman inside blog post or take your first step towards a portrait session completing the dream photoshoot form or just get in touch for a chat

PS.Tell me in the comments what is holding you back to have your portraits taken?