What to wear for your London portrait photoshoot

What to wear for your London Portrait photo shoot?

The big question! what to wea for your London portrait photo shoot. It’s one of the questions I receive most on a phone consultation for your photo shoot. Let’s admit it, clothes are much more than clothes, they’re about self-expression, who you are and what you stand for!

Let’s put your mind at ease first; there’s no right or wrong decision when choosing an outfit for your photo shoot. Remembering what you want to express, the mood, and the vibe is always great. You might already have some specific outfits in mind. One of my clients had selected gorgeous, colourful and vibrant silk dresses from a designer whose philosophy is ‘beauty is dressing women by listening to their soul and stirring their passion’, that’s just wonderful, don’t you think?

A London portrait photo shoot might be a fantastic opportunity to wear the dress of your dreams with not a care in the world! Imagine your photo shoot as a time for play, wear fabulous clothes and celebrate yourself. If you choose an outfit for a personal branding photo shoot, you might also want to choose colours and styles in line with your brand.
Don’t limit yourself to one outfit. Select a few. Remember that time as a child when you were rummaging through the large trunk full of clothes hidden in the loft? Or browsing fashion magazines and stopping at every page by the dream dress you just saw!

Transform your photo shoot into a creative quest, finding the style of clothes you want to wear, what you want to say in your portraits, and where and with whom you would like to be photographed. It’s also important to choose something that speaks to you, who you are, your personality and who you aspire to be like.
Back to the practical questions

1. How many outfits?

Bring 5 or 6 outfits; it will add variety and the opportunity to explore different styles getting a variety of images and portraits. I.e., something elegant, something sexy, something prestigious…
Think about shape and form; you might choose something that should hide your curves. Not so! You want form-hugging clothes as this will look better in photographs, think shape, waist and forget blouses.

2. Consider Necklines

Don’t be afraid to show off your collarbone and shoulders, mixing different necklines is another way to add varied styles. For example, a square or high neckline denotes power, while an off-the-shoulder top tends to appear vulnerable.

3. Think fabric

Lace, chiffon, silk and beadwork for beautiful ornaments in your photos. It’s best to avoid high-contrast patterns or prints that are distracting. Logos and graphics are a definite no.

5. Make your arms look at their best

Play with sleeve lengths. If your arms are a trouble zone, avoid cap sleeves as they emphasise the widest part of the arm, choose ¾ length instead or longer. Also, try an off-the-shoulder top to show a little shoulder without bearing arms.

6. Skip the shoulder pads

You want to avoid bulky jackets or shoulder pads. If you’re going to wear a blazer, choose a fitted shape or a Burberry mac, which will look super elegant for an outdoor photo shoot.

7. Work the miracles of shaping underwear

Consider the underwear. Choose well-fitted bras and underwear without a visible panty line. Certain looks might require a strapless bra or nude thong, black bras for dark clothing and nude for lighter shades. Sculpting shape-wear is a must to help in defining your curves

8. Accessories

Think of jewellery and hair accessories to complete each outfit. Choose timeless and modern. Also, consider shoes if you have a personal branding photoshoot in London or Paris.

9. Hire your outfit

Your photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to dress and glam up. Imagine being invited to the Oscars ceremony or the Cannes Film Festival? Of course, you’d think twice about the outfit to make an impression.

I’ve hired dresses from Girls Meet Dress for previous photo shoots and found it a great experience; they have a great selection of dresses in different styles. It might be worth trying it, and if you don’t see a kind you like, there are other sites to look out for.

10. Prepare

Thoroughly plan and organise your wardrobe before your photo shoot, including your clothes, accessories, shoes, and underwear. Try on each outfit, including lingerie and jewellery, to make sure everything fits, and check for visible panty lines and bra straps.
It might be time for that manicure and pedicure, but be classic in your nail polish colour. Neutral is best. Note any body-hair removal requirements. If your hair colour needs to be done, do so a week before the shoot.
Do the laundry, remove tags and press if needed. Tighten all bras for extra lift. Polish your jewels and make them sparkle. Get organised and group coordinating pieces of each ensemble on the same hanger.
Top + bottom + bra + necklaces.
Arrive comfortable! Wear a comfy outfit to your photo shoot; this is what you might be wearing during styling. Choose something easy to remove without messing with your hair or smearing your makeup.
I hope you’ve found this helpful. Tell me about your designer dream dress you would love to wear on a photoshoot?

PS. Learn more about the London Photoshoot experience here or book a consultation

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