What is a folio box

What is a folio box.

In the world were digital reigns we've forgotten about printing our photographs and I'm on a mission to reignite your love for the printed portrait. 

I've spent my childhood rummaging through my grandmother's shoe box where she'd stored all the family pictures. These images were telling more than I could ever find out about my personal history. 


When I create a folio box for you, I make sure that the images we've created together will not be stored at the bottom of your computer drive and forgotten, there's also less risk holding prints with not being able to read your files anymore due to incompatibility, remember the floppy disks?

So why choose a folio box

  • It creates legacy

  • It celebrates you and your uniqueness

  • It's so wonderful to hold the box and prints in your hands

  • Your images deserve a beautiful presentation

  • You can look at them every day and celebrate how beautiful you are

  • You can display your images on the wall.

How does it work to order a folio box?

During your viewing session you will have the option to order a folio fox. Along side the folio box you can order framed prints, the choice is entirely up to you and and there is no obligation to buy anything at your viewing session, it's just a nice option to be able to buy your images printed beautifully instead of hiding them into a file.

My mission is to help you exist in photographs and this means displayed on a wall, on beautiful print your loved ones can look at whenever they want. If your images are hidden somewhere on a computer file, I have failed in my mission. Working with me you will understand why I stand for the printed photograph!