what are limited editions is it worth investing in them

What are limited edition photography prints?

What are limited edition prints

What is a limited edition print?

Limited edition photography prints are by definition the number of prints available for that particular artwork. The photographer, artist or printer determine the number of prints. It means that the artist will only produce or offer a certain number of prints for these specific editions. For most limited editions their number varies, but they can go from 100 in the small size, 50 in medium and 30 or 20 for large sizes. The usage is to limit a full edition to 150-200 prints, this means in all the sizes of that particular photograph.

Are limited edition prints better than open editions?

Fine photography in open edition doesn’t mean lesser quality; it’s at the artist’s discretion to decide if they want to sell their wall art photography as open or limited editions. Often if the visual artist/photographer decides to sell their fine art photography prints as limited editions, it means that the work they present has a special meaning to them and they don’t want to offer it indefinitely. They want to provide it in limited numbers to collectors and people who appreciate their artwork.

Some visual artists will also choose to offer the same prints in open and limited edition photography prints. The small sizes like 8×12 in up to 12×18 in, will be offered as open editions and the medium and larger sizes will be offered as limited editions.

This way the visual artist can offer the small prints to a larger audience who would not necessarily buy photography prints. This is what I offer for my wall art photography prints, all small sizes are open editions. These editions are still printed on Giclée paper, the only difference will be their size.

Can limited edition photography prints be in different sizes?

They will indeed come in various size with different numbers offered in each size, i.e the larger the size, the lower the number editions available. Some visual artists will offer sizes in inches, or cms depending on the market they are targeting. The sizes offered are usually standard to fit standard frame sizes.

Are limited edition prints valuable?

For art lovers, amateur enthusiasts and everything in between, limited edition photography print can be an excellent investment, at an emotional and financial level. Anyone wanting to start their art collection, investing in fine art photography prints is a great way to begin. Investing in a limited edition print of a photograph that you love is a great way to get the art you’ve always wanted up on your wall.

On what criteria should I base my first limited edition photography print?

Art is always a question of a personal matter. For affordable fine art photography let your heart make the decision. You might be in love with the work of a specific visual artist and would love to acquire one of their large wall art photography for your home.

Ask yourself

  • How would this work fit into my home?
  • Where shall I hang it?
  • What does this fine art photograph evoke to me?
  • Will I still love it in 5, 10, 20 years?

If you’re thinking about art as an investment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t choose from the heart. The photographer you love might be an upcoming artist, and the work you will acquire from them will increase in value.

We see the wall art photography we buy as valuable, not only financially but also emotionally. Imagine this artwork as something that will enjoy your day and transform your house.

By acquiring a limited edition photography print from your favourite photographer, you can be sure that you will display something unique on your walls. My clients often tell me that they have chosen one of my limited edition fine art photography because they fell in love with it, i.e. for dancing in Florence it reminds them of the Italy they love.

Most of these decisions are emotional and made from the heart for sure. To buy photography art is not a decision that you will make in a day, you will learn to love the piece, come back to it more than once before you make a decision. Looking to learn more about the story behind the image and your connection to the photographer. Why they have created it, what did they want to express. The process itself is all about love and connection and prolonging that connection with the wall art photography in your home.

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