Welcome to the Elegant Brand

My photography business has been a constant work of evolution!  When I started I had an idea in mind but no real vision about it.  Setting up the business, working with clients and continuing my education as an entrepreneur and photographer has opened new horizons and has helped define a vision. From starting off with personal branding offering headshots, I quickly realised that I had much more to offer. In fact, I consider myself more than a photographer and greatly enjoy the process of researching, creating, gathering information, and coming up with something completely customised for each of my clients' visual content and portraits.

When you contact me for a personal branding photo shoot or portrait you're getting much more that just a photo shoot. To create images for your brand, with big impact we need to understand your business, your values and your audience. Imagine it a bit like working with a designer on your new website but creating visual content instead of a website.

So why the elegant brand? 

Born and raised in France elegance is certainly part of my DNA. I can walk around in a Schott Perfecto leather jacket and still consider it as elegance. Karl Largerfeld just sums it up perfectly it's not about the clothing but the je-ne-sais-quoi.

The elegance is as physical, as moral quality that has nothing common with the clothing. You can see a countrywoman more elegant than one so called elegant woman
— Karl Largerfeld

I want to offer my clients the best in portraiture and personal branding, one way to have your business standing out is through the experience you're giving to your clients, I'm convinced that it's key for your business to give your client a feel of the experience they will go through working with you. People are not buying products or services but experience.

The elegant brand is on a mission to translate incredible customer experience, telling your story through photographs, offering a full service starting with an idea to the design of the photoshoot. I create images that speak about style and elegance in line with your brand. I understand that this type of service is not  for every brand and know that my photographic style would work best with brands that share these same values.

Next time you visit my website byrachelv.photography you will have the option to visit the Elegant Brand 100% dedicated to personal branding or enter the portraits website dedicated to portraiture to create wonderful keepsakes or just because you deserve to a beautiful portrait of yourself.  Or you can visit theelegantbrand.com directly.

Let me know what you think, does my business vision make sense to you?  Do you think the elegant brand is what you've been waiting for? I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you.