Think you're too old for a boudoir photo session? Think again

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the French author Yann Moix about his interview in Marie Claire. The guy was bragging about the body of a 25 years old woman and never to touch a woman over 50, may be when he turns 60.

It’s tempting to say that a lot of men over 50 might be thinking like him. It’s still common practice for actors, i.e. Vincent Cassel (52) who just married a woman 32 years younger than him. Times are changing though, even my eldest son who is 20 is finding it odd that a guy of 50 is dating a 20 years old!

Women over 50 are becoming mainstream in the media, we have fantastic roles models at 50 Monica Bellucci, at 60 Sharon Stone, at 70 Helen Mirren, and don’t tell me you have to look like a model because it’s not true.

Think you are too old for a boudoir portrait session? Think again

Age is about mindset and feeling great in your skin. We have lots of option nowadays to fight the flab, dress up and improve our health, just think personal trainer, exercise, healthy food, HRT, when I think about my grand-mother at 50 she didn’t look like an old woman but at the time women her age became invisible to society and that weren't that many role models she could look up to.

I’m ever so grateful that women like my mum who is in her 70s have pathed the way for us. When I was younger I looked up at my mum and her friends in their 50s, they had fun, dressed up, put make up on, they didn’t hide in a see of beige.

Even if we don’t feel like a 20 years old anymore as long as we’re healthy the world is our oyster, and today I invite you to get even bolder with a boudoir photoshoot as an ode to your feminity, the woman you’ve become and celebrating who you are today. I’m not asking you to take all your clothes off, a boudoir shot can simply evoke elegance and sensuality you don’t have to take your clothes off and walk around in sexy lingerie it’s all down to you how you feel and how much you want to reveal. More off, I’m asking you to do this for yourself, not your partner, but just YOU!

Here are 3 outfits ideas for older women boudoir photoshoot

The white shirt & Louboutins


A white shirt is a great tool for a boudoir shoot, it’s elegant, classy at the same hides what you want to hide from the camera it also gives a cool and fresh vibe to your portrait.

The sheer fabric and jewellery

AmandaByRachelV (1 of 2).jpg

A boudoir photoshoot is about the mood, the emotion, intimacy, instead of showing imply, tease and let the viewer develop their own story.

Tell a story


Imagine your boudoir photoshoot as a scene from your favourite movie what would you wear, where would you be, what is the story what would you like to say with your images?

A boudoir photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with yourself, embrace who you are and celebrate You as a woman! Your age is not an excuse anymore not to do a boudoir photoshoot.

Ready for your boudoir shoot?

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