48 Hours in Brussels - There is more to Brussels than the EU


There has been a lot of Brussels in the headlines recently, more so over the UK referendum to leave or stay in the EU with the results we know. Brussels might have a bad reputation. Lately, I would suggest,  give Brussels a chance as there is more to it than the EU. Nothing exotic, though, as a child with an unyielding desire to travel, Brussels was not on my list of places to go, somehow the city has enticed me with its hidden gems and quiet charm. The first time I came to Brussels I was determined not to like the city, I don't even know why just because it was synonyms of Bureaucrats an image so far away from what creativity can characterise. It was not love at first sight; the first visit left me baffled as I felt that the city was designed by some dumb ass playing with Lego, who decided to mix old buildings with new building blocks in every whole left available creating something very unharmonious. I.e., the Ansbach Boulevard.


I went to Brussels and again and again and fell in love with it. I have seen Brussels in Winter, Summer, Spring. Each visit I explored more, new places, new restaurants, had a great time walking around off the tourist track, discovered renovated historical buildings that are giving the city a new vibe. Brussels is also a perfect place for Arts, with the Musées Royaux, do not miss the Magritte Museum with some of his best pieces, my favourite is  The Empire if Lights. Magritte's work will mesmerise you, inspire you to take your creativity to new levels.

My message this week doesn't be deterred by a place, you might think "I will never set foot in this place..." Shut down the voices, why say no when you have an opportunity to visit a place that you would never have thought of going. Say YES,  just go, be surprised,  go with the flow. You don't have to like everything, just be open, aware, to things that you thought might not enjoy and did, write notes, leave reviews about the places liked, the food enjoyed, leave recommendations,  will gain far more from the trip that you ever thought.

Did you know that there is a place called Brussel Plage, along the canal of Brussels, Quai des Péniches set up for five weeks in the summer with sandy play areas for kids, lots of food kiosks to feed your hunger with exotic and Latin food and cocktails drinking places? It is not a proper beach like Paris Plage but a beautiful place to wander along in Summer.



There are some great places to choose for your stay. I stayed at  Motel One Hotel, the rooms are small and functional, the design in the reception is very well thought with a mix a modern and vintage, the outside and garden area is a gorgeous place (if the weather is nice) to sip your Aperol Spritz in the summer evening. The staff is super friendly.

If you want to experience traditional Belgian food, book a table at Vincent one of the oldest restaurant in Brussels near the famous Rue des Bouchers.

Who said Brussel was boring??

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