The Ultimate Paris Travel Guide For The Foodie solo traveller

I don’t live in Paris in fact I live in London but being French I know my way around Paris and when I go back I can’t wait to eat in these gorgeous French Bistro which make you feel at home and give the best French food experience. Paris is The city of light, love and fresh baguette. A foodie’s heaven, Paris has some of the best restaurants in the world. In this blog post I share my favourite places to eat in Paris. These are just recommendations do not hesitate to wander and make your own selection.

Day 1

If you travel from London to Paris, the most comfortable and hassle-free way to travel is to book a Eurostar ticket. The journey currently takes 2 hours and 17 minutes which would be difficult to beat by plane, car or coach. We travelled on the Eurostar indeed, we left London around 1pm and arrived in Paris in the afternoon just on time to drop our bags at the hotel and have a little stroll before dinner. We headed towards Rue Surcouf in the 7th arrondissement to have dinner at Bistro chez France. We walked along the Invalides, a museum related to French Miltary history with a great view over the Eiffel Tower. 

When you arrive in Rue Surcouf, you will be amazed by the number of restaurants you can find on the same streets. We did indeed come back the next day to another place.

The tag line for bistro chez France is  GOOD FOOD, GOOD WINE, GOOD VIBES! So you know you are already in good hands and off to a great start reading this. And this is precisely how I felt after dining at the bistro. They have a small menu with specialities of the day. They serve fruit and vegetables according to season, the fish is the catch of the day, their charcuteries are all from small produces, and their meat have been selected from farmers they work with regularly. I had an “assiette de charcuterie” as a starter, the “agneau” (lamb) as the main dish and the unmissable Tarte Tatin as a dessert. In addition, we selected an incredible red wine, Burgundy, from their well-curated wine list. 

We had an amazing dining experience, the restaurant is not very big, so I would definitely recommend that you book your table in advance. If you want a typical Parisian dining experience with people who are conscious of the food they serve, you can go amiss at this place! 

Paris France the eiffel tower
Paris along the river seine, bar du marché in the 6th district

Day 2

The day starts off with freezing rain and snow. Not very encouraging, but you can’t come to Paris just to stay locked in your hotel room. We wandered outside in the shower, being optimistic about the rain had to stop at some point. Paris is still a beautiful sight in the rain. We headed towards the Marais and Quartier Latin an area I’m not familiar with in Paris. Along place Monge, Jussieu, Pantheon, Jardin des Plantes. 

For lunch, we opted for the typical crêperie. What is a crêperie, then? Imagine a crêperie as a Pizza place, but instead of serving pizza, they do buckwheat galette with various toping like ham, eggs and cheese. For dessert, you can opt for sweet dough pancakes with toppings like cinnamon and apples, banana chocolate or chestnut purée. If you want to have a cheap and cheerful lunch, the crêperie is the perfect option. We had lunch at the crêperie Little Breizh rue Grégoire de Tours in the 6th. It’s a small restaurant, and the galettes and crêpes were delicious. 

We headed off towards the Jardin des Plantes the botanical gardens in the afternoon. To walk, we continued our way along the Seine River via Isle Saint Louis. A walk along the river is one of the best ways to discover Paris. So stroll along and take great photos. 

You can’t stay in Paris and not treat yourself to a patisserie. While I usually try to head to Angelina at least once during my stay, this time, I decided to try something new. We headed off to “Fou de Patisserie” rue de la Seine in the 6th arrondissement. You will find a few of these boutiques across Paris. They offer what I would call a “Haute couture” Patisserie designed by the best patissiers in France. Each pièce is a delight for the eyes and taste buds, and your task will be to choose the ones that appeal to you the most. I tried the Baba au Rhum designed by Mathieu Mandard pour Les Artizans served with blue Jasmin tea. Do not even try to be on a diet in Paris!

In the evening we had chosen another restaurants in the rue Surcouf and had dinner at the Petite Tonneau walking from our hotel along Boulevard St Germain, Rue de l’Université, rue de Grenelle to arrive rue Surcouf . The petit Tonneau has been around for more than 80 years. It does have more of a restaurant feel than a bistro and the food presentation was more sophisticated than what you would usually find in a typical bistro. You will be able to select from the traditional soupe à l’oignon, blanquette de veau, fish and of course the Tarte Tatin. We had a wonderful time at the Petit Tonneau. 

Before booking at the Petit Tonneau we tried to book at Chez Marcel. One piece of advice you have to book well in advance to eat Chez Marcel this is a very small Bistrot with red and white checked table cloths. Experience the true French vibes with dishes from traditional French cuisine. Try the mouthwatering duck, pies and quenelle with your friends.

After dinner, we wandered close to the Eiffel tower. Head towards rue de l‘Université for a close-up view of the tower. Walk back via the Trocadero for an unmissable view of the lit Eiffel Tower.

Paris eiffel tower by night, trocadero
Paris Isle saint louis

Day 3

This was our last day in Paris, we headed off to La Maison d’Isabelle for one of the best croissant in Paris. This is only a take away bakery but you can easily buy a croissant and walk the streets of Paris while eating it. For lunch we choose a bistro between Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord called the Café des Deux Gares, they offer a daily menu and a small plates à la carte. There is also an hotel of the same name near by. (see the directory below for more details)

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I am sure you will love it. You can roam around Paris at your own pace but if you do like to treat yourself visit some of the finest restaurants in Paris just ensure you book in advance. Paris is a great city for foodies, so have a fabulous time wherever you eat, remember to slow down and enjoy.

Paris on a river seine stroll



On a budget

Mama Shelter hotels for the Wes Anderson experience. The hotel brand “Mama Shelter” represent this cool and young atmosphere, room from €135.They have a few hotels across Paris

Hôtel des Deux Gares close to Gare du Nord a very british and querky boutique hotel – rooms from €120

Higher up

On a splash


Creperie Little Breizh rue Gregoire de Tours, 75006 Paris

Bistro des 2 Gares close to the Gare du Nord 1 Rue des Deux Gares, 75010 Paris. They offer a wonderful lunch formula with 2 or 3 dishes. Everything is cook fresh in the kitchen and they serve real sourdough bread (for those who can eat it).

Vegetarian restaurant

Ora 12 Rue Philippe de Girard, 75010 Paris, France

A vegetarian restaurant with an incredible atmosphere, they offer a on of a kind, unique dinning experience with tasty vegetarian meal.



  • Bistrot France Rue de Surcouf 7th
  • Au petit Tonneau Rue de Surcouf 7th
  • The real French Bistro Chez Marcel 7 Rue Stanislas, 75006 Paris. Pierre the owner has also another restaurant in the same street called La Gentiane so if one is fully booked which is very often you can try your luck at this restaurant.


  • La Maison d’Isabelle 47ter Bd Saint-Germain, 75005 Paris
  • Carton Boulevard 6 Boulevard Denain, 75010 Paris (not opened on the weekend). They got a gold medal for the best croissant in whole of Paris Region!
  • Maison Bayat 112 Boulevard Magenta, 75010 Paris (they open at 06.00am on Sunday so you can grab a croissant on Sunday morning before taking the Eurostar).



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