The Self-Esteem magic

The Self-Esteem magic

You’ve been struggling with self-esteem like for age, and it’s not that you haven’t been working at it, doing daily affirmations, building your confidence, getting noticed at work, wherever. From the outside, you look like the super confident woman out there. From the inside, it’s another story.

How long have you been hiding, navigating between ups and downs? Feeling super powerful when someone said you look lovely, just got a huge bonus or have been offered a fantastic opportunity at work? You felt amazing, invulnerable, powerful right? How did you feel when the fairy tale ended and you where left with a pumpkin on your door step instead?

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When the going gets tough you feel let down, you see everything in black and add to the drama by telling yourself, you’re useless, a failure will never succeed and all the niceties that your inner mean woman is encouraged to lash on!

I can tell you I was this woman until I had a coaching session which was a real mind opener. Why did I not understand this earlier, it’s like it was in front of my nose, there, I still didn’t see it though!

And it’s simple really! Once you understand it you will feel unstoppable, free, liberated, stop doing crazy stuff which is not you, chasing for any recognition you can gets your hands on, this was me, desperately trying to fit into the corporate mould and feeling like a fraud inside!

Ok, are you ready to hear it?

Self-esteem has nothing to do with your wealth, your job status, how beautiful you look, how many followers you have on Instagram, but everything to do with the love inside.

Yes! I mean the love you have for yourself, when you stop trying to build your self-esteem from the outside you will want to nurture yourself with respect, give yourself a rest from the rat race and embrace everything that comes from the heart and I’m not asking you to quit your job or else.

Once you understand that self-esteem is personal love, your attitudes will change in your job, you will attract different people, your energy will change because you will exude inner confidence.

Now if you feel that you’re not capable of loving yourself, you might need the help of a therapist, but I assume that you’ve already been through therapy, have read tonnes of self-help books, and you did great! The only element that was missing was “I am enough” whatever happens, I’m doing great, continue build inner strength and love from the inside out, try and see how people behave differently around you.

It might take a little time to get there but cultivate the thoughts, do some morning rituals, 5-10 minutes meditation, morning affirmation, journal about your progress, and relax about what others think about you. There’s only one like you, you deserve all the love you can get, love yourself first!

Rachel xx

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Rachel xx