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Your Dream Photoshoot In Paris

Today I’m super excited to introduce the Paris Dream Photoshoot. This is a once in a life time experience, a photoshoot taking place in front of Paris famous landmarks, imagine being photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Alexandre III Bridge, The Louvre, Montmartre a Paris flat.

This photoshoot is for you to have an amazing experience and images to celebrate for a lifetime. You might plan a Paris trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary, an important milestones in your life, you love Paris Chic and always dreamed of being photographed in Paris.

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The Magic of a Mood board to help you decide what a successful portrait session means for you

I understand that making the decision of booking a portrait session is not what you have in mind right now, if ever you do though take control and decide how you want to be photographed, how much make up you want to wear, the type of clothes. You are in control! What you want when you look at the pictures is recognise yourself but also have a glimpse of the woman you didn't know existed inside you! 

The magic of a moodpboard to help you decide what a successful photoshoot means for you.

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Celebrate your beauty now

How many time did I hear one of you saying, I can stand myself in photographs, I hate myself in pictures, I have 20 pounds to lose.

Do you realise how harsh you're on yourself, you're your worst judge! If you spread this kind of message on a regular basis imagine what others will think of you? Got it?

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A couple photoshoot in London

The London Portrait experience is a boutique experience set in London or close by Cities like Oxford, Cambridge, or Brighton for jet setters visiting from abroad. 

The couple photoshoot I'm introducing here did not take place in a studio. The focus here is on London and celebrating your love, engagement what ever special bond you want to celebrate when visiting London.

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