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Come with me behind the scenes of an epic London couple photoshoot with Audrey and Johnny, where I discuss how we planned and created their London photoshoot.

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I’d never heard of French-American designer Pauline Trigère until I met Jessica on her London personal branding photoshoot. Jessica, a New York–based personal stylist, was looking to celebrate the legacy of Pauline’s timeless designs and attract her ideal clientele. In this post, I share how we worked together to create a strong, compelling visual story and images for the book she is currently writing about Trigère.


London is a city of many faces and even more corners. It’s not easy to find the perfect place for your portrait photoshoot in London, but if you are looking for something different from Westminster or Tower Bridge, Notting Hill would be my recommendation. This charming neighbourhood has so much to offer: from elegant Georgian houses with gardens to chic cafés where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while letting the time go by. The streets are full of life and creativity – there is always inspiration around the corner waiting just for you! Here are my ten reasons why Notting Hill is my favourite location for London Portraits and Personal branding Photoshoot


to get the best personal branding portraits Do your business profile pictures need an update? Then you’re at the right address. I would be more than happy to help you create personal branding portraits. First, let me share how to prepare for your business portraits to get the best personal branding portraits. Like everything having […]


Kasey, the owner of Sweet Cakey Thing used to work at the BBC before following her passion for baking. She started making cakes and says that she wants people to eat cake every day without feeling guilty, so Kasey bakes with only natural ingredients. She creates her signature free from cake pots, which contain no wheat, dairy, […]


You’re towing with the idea of booking a portrait photoshoot for yourself but wondering am I too vain? Who needs a photoshoot anyway, I usually hate myself in pictures. What’s the point? In this post I give 5 valid reasons.


Personal branding photographer, Rachel Vogeleisen joins Kaitlin Zhang for a fruitful discussion on working with portrait photographers, preparing for your photoshoots and choosing the right photographer that works for you.


5 ideas what to say with your brand photos

In this post, I share five ideas to work on for your personal branding photography and visual content. I share how I worked with a client who is a health and wellness coach, providing reflexology, fitness training and healthy lifestyle coaching. We used a variety of branding photos showing the process, involving a client, to share with her audience what her brand is about



You might think: “Why as a photographer would she hire another photographer for her personal branding photoshoot”. Here are a few reasons. I love a great story and couldn’t imagine telling a story with a selfie. I wanted good-quality images rather than phone pictures. I wanted to tell a story, like a feature about my […]


Kate Edmondson Bridal Designer

Kate Edmondson’s bridal couture only chooses the best fabrics and materials for her clients, there’s a lot of attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into her process, and that was key for Kate to show. We worked together on the creative direction of her behind-the-scenes shot. Here are some examples of her photoshoot.


A personal Branding Photoshoot for Corina Tough Wedding Photographer

Let me tell you a bit more about Corrina, she’s a photographer specialising in private portraiture, personal branding and weddings, where she lives in St Antonin, is a big part of her branding. Her aim for the shoot was not only to feature the mood and vibe of this gorgeous town in her pictures but also images showing her warm personality, integrating the experience and fun that her clients will have to work with her. The photo shoot was an opportunity to feature her inside her 400 years old house, in the middle of the village that was left empty for the last 30 years. She completely renovated it with hours and hours of  TLC to create a beautiful home.

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