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Make a difference to someone's life for Christmas

Christmas is only 6 weeks away, Christmas light have already been lit on Oxford street, the shop are stuffed with food for Christmas and every other John Lewis has already featured their Christmas ad, it would be difficult not to get the message.

This Christmas I invite you to make a difference to someone's life, it's this time of the year were we can be generous, celebrate families and engage on a mission to create good around us. 

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Five why's Reaching 50 was my biggest milestone

I recently talked to a childhood friend who said turning 50 was her biggest nightmare and here she was driving a cute Fiat 500 in the country lanes, feeling happy in her skin. Why would it turn out to be the worst for her, while I saw turning 50 as regaining my freedom and felt grateful to have reached 50!

I can understand her point and would lie if I'd tell you turning 50 was all plain sailing it wasn't. My mind filled with all the negativity around growing older. Being ignored when applying for jobs, opportunities closing, getting fat, sagging jaws, health detoriorating... Yes, I'd have all these fears, but then something happened, my mindset changed developing an incredible sense of freedom because it was a now or never moment! Here's to celebrating 50 and the good stuff about it!

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