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Although change is inevitable, it took me a long time to embrace it. I was always on the nostalgic side of things, wishing I could go back in time to live through the same emotions and moments that made me so happy. We all know no such idea doesn't exist; life is moving fast, nothing stays the same. You either embrace it or live in constant fear of change.  I choose the former rather than the latter and wish it didn't take me so long to accept it, although better now than never. 

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Helping you get your mojo back - Week 11. How to get unstuck with self love

Welcome back for another week feeling pumped up and ready to move on. Or may be not? You might diligently followed all the posts, thinking this feels so true, started to draft a Pinterest board with all the dreams you have in your bag. Still you haven't moved much because you're feeling stuck and in a state of fear. Why?

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Helping you get your mojo back - Week 10. Celebrate Every Step!

Welcome back to the get your mojo back blog series, we are in the last 3 weeks and it is now been more than 2 months that we started this process. 

This week is all about celebrating every step, even a baby step, or a slight move, just reading these posts is the sign of progress, so please stop being mean to yourself. Think how are you going to celebrate?



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Helping you get your mojo back - 5. Make yourself accountable

How are you going along in your process of

Now that you've got clarity about how you will get your mojo back and reclaim your identity it is time to establish some kind of plan to make sure you stay on track. As I explained in week 3, it is important not to let yourself crush down by little voices that might hold you back. It's normal to feel fear once you step out of the comfort zone, just try to ignore the voices or find a motto that will help you shadow the negatives words. 

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Helping you get your mojo back - 2. How to move forward

Following on week one on helping you set your starting point, this week we take action, set your direction and decide your goals in the next 3,6 and 12 months.

Take some time to sit down, what did you come up last week? Did you find a reason behind your grudge and why you feel so lost, feeling you've your identity and mojo for some time now?

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