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Learning to Dress for yourself, finding your unique style

How do you do deal with a sense of losing yourself when you don't exactly know what your dress sense is or should be? When was the last time you've asked yourself, I am wearing this skirt or dress, because I feel this is really me? I guess this is not the type of questions that you would ask yourself every day it is worth asking, though. 

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Helping you get your mojo back - 4. What is holding you back?

Following on week one on helping you set your starting point, this week we take action, set your direction and decide your goals in the next 3,6 and 12 months.

This week it is Back to reality. Remember how easy it is to dream, create a vision, pretend your life is exactly as you imagined, it feels like playing, going back to childhood when we were allowed to have fun, with no boundaries. The hard truth is that your fears, will come back to haggle you tenfolds.

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