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Age is just a number not a reason to hide from the camera!

For most women stepping in front of the camera seems like the biggest challenge, but why? There's a lot of reason I could list here, using celebrities as a reference, thinking I will never look this good in photographs, I am too old, too fat, I want to loose 20 pounds... Forget about the censorship whose deciding about setting these criteria anyway? 

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My goals for 2017 Creating a difference for you!

We're well in 2017, I can't believe that I will reach 53 this year! This makes me even more determined to continue my effort to make it BIG. I feel privileged and grateful to have a job that I love and even more so being able to make a difference in your life, creating wonderful memories for your loved ones and unique images for your brand.  In 2017 I want to continue offering you a way to keep your dream afloat, with an opportunity to make your dream photo shoot to reality. What I have on offer: 

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Francesca's portrait photo shoot as a sort of therapy to celebrate herself

I came across Francesca during a very informal network meeting where the host had invited all the members to her home, to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Hubdot. Standing very close to each other listening to the talk, we introduced ourselves only to discover that we were living just a few houses doors away from each other. 

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