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My Best London Spots For your Couple photo shoot

You're planning to spend a few days in London for a very special celebration, just the two of you, you will be staying 2 nights in a gorgeous boutique hotel in Notting Hill, you have planned this trip for ages. You just realised that this short London escapade would be the perfect excuse to step in front of the camera with your lover, it would be the perfect pretext to make him part of the shoot and invite him into the story rather than just posing in front of a camera. 

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A couple photoshoot in London

The London Portrait experience is a boutique experience set in London or close by Cities like Oxford, Cambridge, or Brighton for jet setters visiting from abroad. 

The couple photoshoot I'm introducing here did not take place in a studio. The focus here is on London and celebrating your love, engagement what ever special bond you want to celebrate when visiting London.

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