6 clues to help you find your bliss

Six clues to help you find your passion

I have always loved photography. It’s not a question I’ve ever had to ask myself since it has been such an integral part of my life. However, when someone asked me recently why do you love what you do — and they caught me off-guard– there was no answer for her at that moment. I think we often fail to ponder these questions deep enough. As soon as we have to express our emotions, there’s a blank…

If I have found my bliss after soul searching long enough, this blog post is here to help you find yours. Here are six clues for you that will help you find answers.

  1. You’re constantly talking about it.

When I was still in the corporate world, I used to talk about photography constantly to the point I realised that something was wrong. I hated being stuck in an office all day in jobs that gave me very little space to express my creativity. I was bored and frustrated. So when someone brought up the subject of photography, I couldn’t stop talking about it! You might be in a similar situation, so what are you constantly talking about? What makes you tick or do without being asked. Have you been learning a new skill for ages?

2. You’re obsessed with learning about it

Have you been learning, and developing skills about something that you love doing? Have you invested a lot of money in online courses, workshops, and bought material to practice what you makes you feel alive? Did learning more about it become an obsession? You don’t count how much money you’ve already spent; you want to learn everything about it. Because you’re a perfectionist and feel that you have to be the best and know everything before you finally acknowledge this is what you want to do!

3. There’s a good chance that you’re lost because your head is making the decisions and not listening to what your heart has to say.

Do you feel lost and not know what to do with your life? You’re in the same boat as so many people, who think that they want to start something new but don’t have a clue. But fear is holding you back from starting anything at all. Fear of leaving everything behind- or even just the idea of it – makes for some pretty compelling excuses and arguments against trying out any ideas whatsoever because if we go through this big void into an unknown future then there will be no turning back! If money was no object, what you be doing all day? What does your ideal life look like?

4. You say I can’t wait to retire and get my life back!

Last week I went out with my besties to celebrate my birthday! One of us said, “If you want to do something, then just go for it.” We are living through very challenging times, and no one can plan the future, so why wait? Of course, it’s entirely your decision if waiting until retirement is right for you.

5. You are talking about this like it’s your life purpose.

I feel that we all have a purpose in life. Not everyone will act upon it, but when you are strongly called towards something, we’re going to call it your life purpose. What is the thing you’re most drawn towards? Is there something that makes your heart beat faster or gets you out of bed in the morning with excitement? That’s what I’m talking about-I knowing my calling, and it has me heading straight for being part of this huge planet-saving movement and celebrating being a woman through artwork

6. It’s clear that talking about it lights you up!

You light up when you talk about it. That’s your biggest clue. If someone else can see it then there’s no doubt about it! I don’t count the number of times I have been told that people could tell my passion and enthusiasm for helping women to step into their zone of brilliance through photography when I talked about it!

Have you found your passion? It might not be an easy journey, but anything is possible with a little bit of faith and courage. You will have doubts about whether this is the right path for you- that’s normal! But don’t let those doubts get in your way; if it’s what you want to do, then never give up on yourself. Fear can put doubt into our heads too, like: “Have I left it too late?”, but only time will tell… all we need from ourselves are some clues as to where these feelings come from because they’re strong evidence that we’re ready for whatever comes next!

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