A very Happy 2017!

To the sound of being very, cliché time flies! It's hard to believe that 2016 is already over, and what a year, if it was an incredible year at a personal level, it certainly was very challenging at a more general level, don't have me started on Brexit or else! 2017 will have its challenges already with elections taking place in France and Germany. It could be easy to let oneself, deter by the constant bad news in the media, we can also choose to acknowledge them and continue having a strong belief in human kindness. What can you do at your level to bring changes and make a difference?

We don't want to give way to doomsayers and naysayers; change is upon us. Let's keep moving and make the best of the time we have. Is this the year that you will finally step into the limelight, bring small or big changes into your life to get back on the track that you've lost sight of so many years ago?

I am looking forward to helping you celebrate these changes and hear about your stories. Stay tuned for a portrait competition that I will launch in the Spring, this year the theme will be about nominating someone close to your heart who deserves to have her incredible story featured in images and you will be part of the adventure, more details to come in Spring. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter to stay updated!