Photography Books to inspire you

How do keep your inspiration afresh when stepping into the creative world. Every day we are bombarded with lots of information our facebook feed comes with wonderful images, everyone seems to have a tonne of followers and you are just trying to sail through reality, learning as much as you can from others but is it all just noise?  That's where you might want to add some discipline, into your creative process, yes it is great to follow lots of artists, stylists, photographers  to spark new ideas and projects but it's also useful to develop your own knowledge and find your own path.

Make a list of photographers, painters, artist you love, what do you love about them, what would you tell them if you met them. Assess your skills what do you still need to learn to increase your knowledge to create the type of photography you would like to create. Do you know how to use your camera on manual settings? If not take the step and learn it you will be so much more in control of the type of images you want to achieve. Want to learn about off camera flash? Lighting? Don't limit yourself being a natural light photographer like I was trying to be. The day I accepted to take a huge to learn finally to use light when the situation requested it, made a huge difference as I am no longer stuck taking pictures between 11 and 3 pm.

So here is a list of books to help your knowledge and inspire you.

Picture Perfect Lighting by Roberto Valenzuela

This book will explain the basic of lighting and help you understand how to make the most of every lighting situation. Light is a crucial element of your photography and extending your knowledge will take your photography up a notch and add some wow factor. It will also free you of being worried about stepping in any light situation. Don't be deterred by the bit of physics where Robert is explaining how light works, learning about lighting will lift your photography

The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion

Creating images are not only about handling light and the camera; but your mission is also to become a creator, a story maker and you will need more than just composing and pressing the shutter. You will need to understand your vision, what are your trying to say through your photography? What story are you telling? There is no secret that my photography is influenced by cinema and drama, I love the power of style and fashion, and will bring it into my images. What is your influence? When you go out taking pictures, think ahead don't just wonder or take portraits from scratch, research, vision, create a mood board. You are more than just a photographer after all you are a creator!