Nancy City, capital of Lorraine

Nancy is a medium city in the North Eastern France. It also serves as the capital of Lorraine, which it was formerly known for being home to ancient duchies and kingdoms alike. Nancy has risen up 16th on the list of French towns with 100k population but that’s not all! I’m inviting you out there so we can explore together this “Little Paris” called Nancy. You will be taken over by the building developed in very Parisian architecture style and the Place Stanislas highlight.

Nancy, the jewel of French architecture became a border between France and Germany after their war in 1870. Thanks to its location on that boundary it was developed with all things “French excellence” against German take-over of Alsace-Moselle which is next door.

You’ll want to take the Petit Train if you’re looking for a leisurely way of discovering old town. The ride lasts 45 minutes and is perfect for those who are interested in seeing more than just what’s on their feet!

Stanislas Square the Jewel of Nancy

The square is a pure delight, registered by Unesco it’s one of the most beautiful in the world. Before you start walking around take time to position yourself at one corner and enjoy its architecture and gold decorum.

The square was designed by architect Emmanuel Heré. It was built to glorify French King Louis the XVth between 1751 and 1755. The square was commissioned by Stanislas Leszczynski, who also happened to be a Polish king and became Duke of Lorraine as well! The buildings around the square are:

  • The Opera
  • The Hotel de Ville
  • Museum of Beaux Arts
  • The Fountains.

Walk beyond the square towards the arch Heré to see the beautiful Square de la Carrière, and if you go farther past your destination of Palais du Gourvernement on this road there is an amazing panorama awaiting you. This square was built during the XVIe century as well! At the end of the square you will find the entrance to the Parc de la Pepinière the biggest parc in town, there’s a beautiful rose garden in the middle where you will find blooming roses during the month of June.

Nancy Place Stanislas
Place Carrière Nancy, France
Nancy, France, Around Parc de la Pépinière

Rue des Maréchaux

Further along the Square Vaudemont you will find a pedestrian zone with lots of restaurants and cafés this street is also known as rue Gourmande with a plethora of restaurants next to each other. What’s not to love about a street with a selection of restaurants that will make any foodie drool? You’ll find that there are so many to choose from; you will be pressed by the owners who want your business in their restaurant. I had the best lunch at Gentilhommière, and their menu starts as low as €28.00 per person! At the restaurant, they cook everything themselves and their portions are very generous. With a wonderful mix of tastes you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your appetite!

Nancy, France, Rue des Maréchaux

How to get to Nancy?

Nancy is only 90 minutes from Paris, the city is easy to reach by car via the motorway A31. You can also get there with a quick flight at Metz-Nancy Lorraine regional airport.

Nancy, the capital of Lorraine in France, is a bustling city It’s also known as “the little Paris” because it has all the charm of that famous city without being too big or overwhelming. From food to culture to shopping, this charming town offers something for everyone! So if you’re looking for a new place to visit on your European vacation then consider visiting Nancy; we know you won’t regret it!

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