My mission this year? A new photography project celebrating women

My mission this year? A new photography project celebrating women

And working more with film photography, I love using my old Hasselblad and Pentax and made a commitment to photograph more with film this year!

I am starting a new photography project to inspire you all the women who think they have left too late! My aim is to share stories of women you have started afresh after 50, a new career, a business. I hope to get an exhibition out of this project.


When I completed my project about the Women Who Served in World War Two it was such hard work that I thought I will never start another project. Three year in, I have this new idea. My why is to celebrate women, inspire them and get them moving towards their dream life. I am the perfect example of the woman who was sodded by fear, stuck, too scared to make a move and take action. I couldn't make decisions between different choices, I wanted to be the career women high up the ladder, I realise now that all these ideas were not mine, I was just struggling with who I was suppose to be, finding my place in  society, show that I was important and too scared to give up on the idea, that the corporate world was not for me. 

Giving up on the idea of being supported in a job, having a sense of security getting to work every morning and feeling important just because you have hope of climbing a ladder, which never happened for me anyway.

So if you you're struggling about making a choice, think about what scares you, are the choices you're consider really yours or are you just trying to be something, impress someone or else?

Let go of the choices that do not suit you, be free. Yes it's scary if you haven't got any support, I get you. You might not able to change direction now, but set your plan, work towards it, try to find you WHY? What do you want to be remembered for? I don't think its because you were a great boss? 

If you feel stuck, I would recommend reading Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. 

Until next week, tell us about  the choices you're struggling with, share this post, send love.


If you are or know a woman with a wonderful story to inspire others to take part in this new project fill out the questionnaire, thank you!