My goals for 2017 Creating a difference for you!

We're well in 2017, I can't believe that I will reach 53 this year! This makes me even more determined to continue my effort to make it BIG. I feel privileged and grateful to have a job that I love and even more so being able to make a difference in your life, creating wonderful memories for your loved ones and unique images for your brand.  In 2017 I want to continue offering you a way to keep your dream afloat, with an opportunity to make your dream photo shoot a reality. What I have on offer: 

1. A dream photoshoot

This is the creme de la creme of photo shoot, feel like a celebrity for a day, your dream could be being photographed in Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background, having your hair and make up done for a 5am photo shoot, imagine going out at dawn, while the birds are chirping and you dancing on the Trocadéro in a long tulle dress having the day of your life, joined by a devoted team to give you the most magical experience of your life. Such a day should not only exist for getting married, you deserve to be the be able to be star of he day any time in your life on your own terms, creating memories and legacy prints for a lifetime, are you up for it? I want to give you this amazing experience, once in your lifetime! Read about how Francesca celebrated herself with a wonderful photo shoot in 2016.

2. A Family photo shoot

Families are the hold and the joy of our life, don't you think? Having a family is far from living a fairy tale, you might have some hidden gremlins in the cupboard holding past grudges against your mum or dad or siblings? As you get older you realise one thing making the most of your time with your family, enjoying every precious moment when you get to together. Create legacy with images that celebrate your family and the very special bonds you have them. I want to help you celebrate your family with a very special photo shoot, do you have a dream photo shoot with your family in mind? A beautiful location, set in a Belle Demeure or the studio?  A family portraits does not have to be stiff or cheesy, it will be stylish, more magazine like, your family deserves to have gorgeous pictures that don't make you cringe but happy and smiling when you look at them mounted on your wall.  Portraits that we will create together with your ideas, taking into account the way you dreamed to be photographed with your loved one, I will bring this dream photo shoot to reality for you! 

3. Hitting the road for the US

This summer I will be hitting the road for a 4 weeks trip to the US and would love to help you creating an inspiring photo shoot to connect your brand with you ideal client. If Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco are the right fit for your brand lets' create stunning images for your blog, newsletters, social media, website with portraits and action shots imagine with that gorgeous summer light? Read on the blog about a personal branding photoshoot with Kelly's Chandler a wedding planner for inspiration.


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