My Best London Spots For your Couple photo shoot

My Best London Spots For your Couple photo shoot

You're planning to spend a few days in London for a very special celebration, just the two of you, you will be staying 2 nights in a gorgeous boutique hotel in Notting Hill,  have planned this trip for ages. 


You just realised that this short London escapade would be the perfect excuse to step in front of the camera with your lover, it would be the perfect pretext to make him part of the shoot and invite him into the story rather than just posing in front of a camera. 

How would that work?

I will help you create a great story for your photoshoot and help you visualise what you have in mind. We create the story of the day together to let if unfold the way you want. Imagine your day, we start off at your hotel, where the make-up artist will work her wonders on you, make you feel incredible, pamper you and create a very special look just for you. 

You choose one of the outfit we've selected together and we go outdoors in Notting Hill which is one of my favourite locations to photograph in London, I will take you on a circuit through Portobello Road, Westminster, HydePark and Hampstead Heath coming back to your hotel in between to change outfit.

All you have to do is relax, enjoy the scenery, you will get beautiful memories of your London stay and reward your relationship with images that you can look at to everyday.


My favourites London spots for your photoshoot

Notting Hill

Notting Hill was made very famous with the movie Love in Notting Hill, but not only.  It's one of London's most famous neighbourhood, it's vibrant, full of colours and the houses are so elegant.  There are number of streets to choose from for your photoshoot background, if you only choose only one location this one is a must.

Westminster Bridge

Victoria Embankment is a gorgeous place to photograph you in London with the big wheel in the background. The Queen's walk along the Thames with the beautiful Victorian street lights will add the perfect romantic touch to your story.

Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park

There are a number of locations we can choose depending of the season when you will be in London, the parks in London transform into a magical place when the cherry trees are in full blossom, usually from late March to early May.

Hampstead Heath

A well hidden gem in London with the best preserved Georgian houses in London and overgrown garden alleys. Lots of lanes with beautiful houses.

What do you think of these locations? Where would love to be photographed in London? 

Rachel xx

PS. If you're planning a trip "en amoureux in London" in the Spring, tell me all about it in the dream photoshoot form and I will create a wonderful Photo Session just for the two of you.