Make this Year, the Year of putting yourself first

Make this Year, the Year of putting yourself first

Yes, you've heard me. What First? How is that even possible, I have a family, a partner, a demanding job this can't happen? This is what you're going to tell me?

I know, I know your children haven't left home and they still need you, I get it. Although think for a minute how old are they? In their teens oh then they wouldn't need you so much anymore. 

Make 2018 the year of putting yourself first

Come on be bullish this year, this is the year of possibles we are already in March, time is travelling fast and it's time you put yourself first. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Plan a yoga retreat or holiday just for you

  • A city break to Italy with your best friend

  • Plan girls meet up once or twice a month

  • Book a Spa day

  • Visit a friend abroad

  • Escape to New-York for a few days for that Broadway show you dreamed of seeing for ages.

  • Book classes to learn about Wine Tasting, cooking, baking skills that you always wanted to master but never had time to.

As women with a family, we tend to forget about yourselves, we want to make the most for our kids and sometimes forget ourselves in the process. Your children are now independent enough to clean their bedroom, look after themselves and order a takeaway. Not ideal I know but learn to let go. Your children are becoming their own self and despite all your effort to make them eat organic food, they will have junk food from time to time, be reassured not all takeaways are junk food.

So what are you going to treat yourself to this year? What dream have you been holding back for so long because it was never your time? Now is your time. We are at an age where the now or never feeling can take hold of you. It certainly happened to me when I decided, it was finally time to embrace portrait photography instead of hiding in a cubicle behind a computer.

Putting yourself first is not about being selfish, it is what will make you happy and able to give back a sense of good feeling to your loved ones.

Put Yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.
— Anon

Rachel xx

I am looking forward to hearing how you will put yourself first this year, be bold tell us in the comments.