Make a difference to someone's life for Christmas

Make a difference to someone's life for Christmas

Christmas is only six weeks away, the lights have already been lit on Oxford street, the shops are stuffed with food for Christmas and John Lewis have featured their Christmas ad on TV! It would be difficult not to get the message.

This Christmas I invite you to make a difference in someone's life, it's this time of the year were we are generous, celebrate families and engage in a mission to create good around us. What will be your mission this Christmas? 

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Here's a list of 10 ideas to make a difference this Christmas

1. Clear your home to give away

Your don't have to rock the boat to start with, you can start with your own home, clearing away, books and clothes that you want to give to charity.

2. Sell items on eBay

Give 10% of your proceedings to a charity

3. Sponsor a child via Plan.

I've been sponsoring a child via plan since 2007. In my opinion, if you choose this option go into it for the long term, even if you've never met the child you will feel responsible for him/her. Give them the opportunity to stay at school as long as they need.

4. Spend time visiting elderly in a nursing home even better invite them over for Christmas lunch.

5. Buy Fairtrade gifts, knowing that 25% of Fairtrade farmers and workers are women should encourage us to buy Fairtrade whenever we can, it is so easy to make a difference this way!

6. Help the homeless, get involved with Crisis either by volunteering at one of their centres or reserve a place (or more) at Crisis for Christmas, your gift of £26.08 will support, Christmas Dinners, healthcare screening and more.

7. Volunteer at your local school Christmas Fair, keep a stand, hustle, bring in money for the school. Bake cakes to sell at stalls.

8. Join the Samaritans' appeal and send a shoe box full of gifts, but hurry you only have until the 18th to participate.

9. Pay for someone's Christmas shopping, do you know about a family in need, make their Christmas and pay for their monthly food shopping.

10. Join the Christmas jumper appeal with Save the Children on December 15th, all you have to do is to invite everybody at work to wear a Christmas jumper and donate £2. Sign up here

And of course, making a difference in someone's life isn't just for Christmas, make the opportunity each time you can it doesn't always have to involve money, giving your time and attention is enough. This Christmas is just a start!