Make 2018 A Year of New Experiences

Make 2018 A Year of New Experiences

Why does getting older mean being set in a routine, afraid of changes and not wanting to learn new things? We seem to have this reputation with millennials of not being open to change? Is that true? Of course not and your challenge is to prove them wrong.

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Think about what you've started after 40 that you would never thought of doing. Me? I remember as a teenager my GP always recommended to do yoga to help calm down my anxiety. I nearly laughed in his face, yoga was far too slow for me, my dream was to play rugby, I probably had too much energy to release but, rugby for girls was never heard of at that time, not in France anyway. I stuck with dance, and a number of other sports, but yoga no never!

When I moved to London I met a girl who was a true yoga devotee, I still didn't get it! I had this image of yoga being boring like hell and you wouldn't seem me in yoga pants anytime soon.

In a way, I was forced into it! I used to go running and badly twisted my ankle, no running for 2 months? I started looking for alternatives and came across Hot Yoga or Bikram, I thought this sounds quite right for a girl who is always up for a challenge!

 I gave it a try and can you believe it, I fell in love with yoga! I can truly say that yoga helped to quiet my mind down and in many other situations where I felt anxious. What's completely unbelievable as well, is that I've recently started meditation as well! Maybe these activities need more maturity but I wish I had starter yoga sooner, it has been such a game changer for me!

What will you try in 2018, look into something you've always despised, maybe it's time to have a new look at it? Or is there something that you've always dreamed of doing or learning, but you're just pushing it back with no end?

Give yourself some time to ponder what you want to experience this year and make a list of 2-3 things, add them to your 2018 (secret) Pinterest board. If you feel overwhelmed or too scared to try? Try the 5 seconds rules by Mel Robbins

I hope you feel inspired to set into a new direction, tell us in the comments what are you planning to try this year, share, send love.

Until next week