Madonna's life lesson how to make the most of it to inspire your life

Madonna’s life lessons

You either love or hate her but this Woman deserves some respect! Madonna turned 64 last summer and what a role model she is. Set aside the aesthetic treatments she’s done on her body and face, she’s got some stamina and is an incredible role model to look upon. If I don’t agree with everything, I am a fan, we need more Women role models over 50!

It would be easy to dismiss everything she’s achieved in the last 40 years as life sounded pretty easy for her, but even people who’ve got it easy don’t necessarily have a purpose and do something with their lives. Madonna didn’t take anything for granted and the first achievement she can celebrate is her determination to succeed!

She knows what she wants

This woman didn’t have the easiest upbringing, she lost her mum to breast cancer when she was 4. She developed incredible resilience and built her strength through her sorrow. She followed a dream and never gave up, facing her biggest fear of moving to New-York with just $35 in her pocket!

She doesn’t give up

This woman could have given up a number of times, I can’t remember each time I heard it was over for her, she’s finished. Not so, she’s the queen of reinvention, age hasn’t stopped her, she isn’t hiding, she’s on a mission to stand up for women, gay people, and not ready to shut up.

She works hard

I was amazed how fit she looked when she turned 50, you wouldn’t see many 50 years old this fit, she paved the way for us and showed the possibilities that turning 50 and older was not the end of it! You just have to be willing to work hard and not give up.

She found her highest values Family

Madonna is a family girl, you can see that family is her highest value, she’s dedicated to her children, moved to Lisbon to support her son’s football ambitions. She’s got her heart on her sleeve. Finding your highest values will help you prioritise your life and help you make choices that align with who you are and your values.

She didn’t hide when she turned 60

I remember her Vogue photoshoot celebrating her 60th birthday, the woman looked amazing, again it was unexpected, in a photoshoot like we’ve never seen her before. An inspiration for older women, not go into hiding, but embracing the fullest, bolder version of yourself!

She embraces who she is

She didn’t try to change herself to fit into a mould. She embraced her sexuality, being an independent woman, and didn’t listen to naysayers. She got a lot of backlash as a result but stayed put and didn’t falter. So next time you considering, shrinking, holding back, because you think you have to fit into a mould, use her as an example.

Confidence is everything

You have to admire her confidence, stepping on stage in a corset or half naked you have to feel great in your skin to show yourself this way. She has bravely challenged, sexism and homophobia. Her confidence helped her brake social barriers and reach levels that no one would have expected her to reach. Confidence will make you climb mountains, open doors and bring you amazing opportunities, cultivate it, grow it every day.

You’re never too old to make it big

She reinvented herself at 30,40,50,60 I’m curious to see what she will do next, again she’s an amazing role model and pathed the way for older women, inviting us to keep being ambitious, setting goals, being driven with a mission.

Don’t listen to critics

I wonder how she managed, she was constantly cut to bits at some point, the anger, the rage she experienced after her song “Like a Virgin” and her book “Sex” could have seen the end of her. She seems to thrive on having to fight for her identity. She’s a pioneer, a trail blazer, provoking changes. She’s knows herself well, determined and not scared to stand up for who she is.

Never stop learning

A dancer, a singer, an actor, a film director, her films were fired by critics but I love her movie WE, the photography, the way she introduced the story using flash backs, she transformed the most famous love story of the 20th century into a compelling one by finding a new way to talk about it. If you think I’m too old to learn a new skill, use her a role model, no it’s never too late my dear!

Wear what you want to wear

Madonna is telling us don’t be afraid to wear what you want, don’t follow conventions. No one can tell you what you should wear, embrace your style, embrace YOU. There’s only one like you so why should you become uniform, style is one way to stand out so make the most of it!

It’s ok to be unlikeable

Not everybody will like or love you and that’s ok, you can’t please everyone, Madonna is not a people pleaser and what a life she had following her convictions and who is she is!

Follow your heart and stay aligned to who you are, your aura, authenticity will attract the right people in your life and distance the ones that don’t deserve your attention.

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