Life lessons by Robin Wright

This week I will take the idea of role model further to show you how you can take action being inspired by a role model. What can we learn from Robin?

1. She knows what suits her

She might have an army of stylists to help her choose her outfits, still, she knows exactly what style looks great on her. She sticks to monochrome a lot of grey, ivory and black, she makes the most of being elegant with a twist.

2. She keeps it simple

Trouser suits, tailored dress, her outfits have a classic tinge yet they ooze sophistication with the colour and fabric she chooses. Her wardrobe looks very consistent with a few key pieces.

3. She is not afraid to take on new challenge

Did you know that she directed a number of episodes from House of Cards?

4. She stands up for her values

She is an activist for Human Rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo supports Pour Les Femmes a sleepwear company that funds Women charities in Congo. She proudly stood up for equal pay in Hollywood to get paid the same salary as her male co-star in House of Cards.

5. She didn’t give up – She is proof that it’s never tool late!

It took her three decades to find the role that made her a major star and the woman she always wanted to be. Jodie Foster, who directed Wright in an episode of House of Cards, also believes that Wright has finally “settled into a pair of shoes that were the ones that were always supposed to fit her.” 

Who is your role model and how does she/he inspire you?

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