Become A Priority in Your Life

Become A Priority in Your Life

The story has been dangling in your head for some time now. You've realised that the kids don’t need you as much, they're hardly at home. Hubby is away cycling on the weekends, as you can’t see yourself wearing lycra tights cycling for miles, you stay at home feeling restless after a busy week at work. What’s next? You’re bored shopping for the home, or shoes; you're looking for something more substantial? But what? You've got some ideas in mind, haven't allowed yourself to think more seriously about it, though. Really?


What's holding you back? Thinking about what others would think? How would the family react? They're so used to have you on hold for them all the time!

After years of dedicating your time to work and family it might be time to put yourself first, does it sound too good to be true?

Your mind is dancing between ideas and possibilities not feeling brave enough to stand up and ask yourself permission to dance, though. I'm going to tell you something; your time is now! What are you waiting for? Don’t tell me but.

You can see yourself learning cooking, baking, painting, sculpting, dancing the flamenco,  Italian the list is endless? You completely forgot how it was to feel free playing as a child, the pleasure to try something new with no fear of failure, without a care in the world. These days you're too conscious about perfection, the thought of what if I fail and feel ridiculous, is holding you back, rejoice there's a quote that says but what if you fly?

Whatever your calling, you only have to believe you can fly; we tend to forget that being creative isn't about reaching perfection, nobody said you have to enter a competition or get exhibited at the MET. Before reaching sky high, there's a whole process to enjoy, start from the beginning, try out. Learning to cook might not be your calling after all, at least give yourself permission to go for it, leave the judgements at home. What about others? Who are you talking about? There's only one to consider here that's you.

Enjoy your regained freedom, feel useful, relish the learning process, it will open new doors and opportunities you never thought of. You'll unlock new connections into your brain. It's, after all a great benefit. Imagine yourself as a seven years old child playing joyfully with sand and clay on the beach, allow yourself to get your hands dirty again. It is about time! Don't you think?

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