It's Summertime I invite you to slow down.

It's Summertime I invite you to slow down.


It's Summertime, slow down and create a beautiful virtual space to come back to every day!

Summer is finally here full bloom, time to sit out in the garden, on the beach, enjoy al-fresco dinning and walk barefoot. Don't let the sense of panic building up at the idea of slowing down and thinking I can't, too much to do, too little time, feeling deflated, at the thought of not having enough hours to finish the work before going on holidays. How do we learn to halt in a world where the set pace feels like being stuck in a washing machine on fast spin?

Sounds familiar? I know this panic feeling.

Fight against the urge to rush or thinking about the next task or chore on your list. Ditch the to-do list, take your computer to the garden or an outdoor café. Changing your surrounding will help slow down. Step back into the moment,  look around you while focusing on your breathing and think about your holidays looming in the distance. 

On your holidays collect as many images as possible about beautiful surroundings, emotions, places, feelings. Sounds crazy? Not crazier than starting your day rushing around like a headless chicken. It will give you time to focus on little things and details we tend to walk through blindfolded, like spending the day sitting on a high-speed train, not able to see the landscape outside. Imagine yourself taking a funicular instead of the high-speed train, look through the window. Set your eyes on new things, stop being passive, make the effort to be more aware of your surroundings.

Take pictures and publish them on Instagram or Tumblr, create a bliss board on Pinterest that you will be able to come back to when you get back to the daily rush routine and feel overwhelmed. Once you have created this "virtual place" come back to it daily, try to take 5 minutes at the beginning of your day, thinking about this very special place. Step into it, calm down, stop the rumours from outside, the screaming kids, the grumpy teenager, be selfish and shut down for a few minutes.

I am off for a few weeks to reconnect with myself and give myself time to feed my creative soul. What ever you do  you have a great summer! I am looking forward to catching up with you in September. 

Rachel xx