Introducing NOIR INDULGENCE PORTRAIT for the rock chic rebel in you


I hope you had a great weekend, escaped the city if your children were on holiday. This week I want to introduce you to something close to my heart black and white photography.

Black and white portraits have always been a kind of magical mystery to me. When I grew up portrait in black and white where the signature portraits while colour photography became the way to photograph, colour was kind of revolutionary and the Kodachrome colours quite amazing. The development of Colour film revolutionised family pictures which also meant that people fell out of love with black and white and only  artists would mainly stick with it, think, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Avedon. The process of developing a black and white print was also more related to craftsmanship rather than using an automated process. 

Introducing Noir Indulgence

Introducing Noir Indulgence

Black and White Photography kept it's magic. 

With the advance of photography moving into digital, colour images would be even more main stream, leaving the black and white for artists. It took me a while to realise that black and white has always kept it's magic. It become quite obvious to me by looking at my Pinterest boards and how black and white took centrefold in my photographic influences. The photographers I admire the most produce their art in black and white, Peter Lindbergh, Kate Barry, Robert Franck, Herb Ritts, Karl Lagerfeld, Vincent Peters, and many others fascinate me with their work in black and white. Their portraits are so strong and powerful, and because they are in black and white, they're best kept simple to take the distraction out of the image and make a strong statement.

Introducing Noir Indulgence Portraits

If we look at fashion, one of the designer who most made a statement in black and white is Yves Saint Laurent. …Le Smoking, the sharply tailored, all-black tuxedo, remains the signature style that defines Saint Laurent’s impact on fashion. I bring you the equivalent of the “Tuxedo suit” in Photography, Noir Indulgence. 

Simple, classic, rock chic, timeless portraits images in black and white. Noir Indulgence is for you if you want strong, compelling, portraits to make an impression.

You are bold and you mean it! A portrait of yourself in black and white is wanting to make a statement, of who you are and the stamp you want to leave out there. 

Like a traditional portrait session, the consultation before the shoot is key to understand your style and personality and the styling you want for your images. 

I am very excited to be able to work with you on a project like this, no doubt if you choose my signature portraits, these will be of special importance, an affirmation of who are and the way you want people to finally see you.

Are you ready for it?