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How to make the most of London blossoming season for your London portraits photo shoot

London has a reputation of being gloomy and rainy, but in reality, this is not true. For the past 20 years, I have lived here it rains far less than when I first arrived from Luxembourg. It’s called global warming–whatever that means-but Londoners are enjoying milder weather these days!

I love the feeling of Spring in London. It’s incredible how one season can be so unique and special; it almost feels like a whole new place! The city is covered with pink blossoms everywhere, giving off this amazing vibe that I’ve never felt before. And then there are those cherry blossom trees around Kyoto–they’re something else but they don’t compare to all these magnolias popping up on every corner here! They’re just breathtaking when you see them for yourself…wow me over? You better believe it 🙂

When is the best time of the year to discover London in bloom?

I love this time of year when the city is full of blossoming flowers. The cherry trees usually start around the end of February and go through March – but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how long each tree will be in bloom! I always have my eye on Instagrammers who’ll let me know if a particular street has started blooming or not, so that gives you an idea as well! To keep updated about what’s blooming sign-up for my newsletter.

Don’t just focus on cherry trees

I was out on my way to take pictures of cherry trees. But what really caught me eye were these magnificent magnolia flowers that lined the streets by city parks and sidewalks. The cherry trees had already started wilting but Magnolias where just blooming beautifully!

Where should I go to see the trees?

Choose locations like

  • Earls Court places around Courtfield Gardens

  • Ravenscourt Park

  • Notting Hill

  • Chelsea

  • All the London Parks

If you want to avoid the crowd, get up very early. It used to be that I had these cherry trees all by myself for photographing my favourite one like in Stanley Crescent or any other famous ones but now they’re overly crowded with Instagram snappers and people who just can’t resist a selfie opportunity! Put your running shoes on and prepare yourself for some walking as there are too many flowers here in London which will dazzle your eyes so much it’ll feel unreal.

How can I make the most of London’s blooming season for my portraits photoshoot in London?

  1. Sign-up for my newsletter, I will keep you updated when the blooming season is starting again in London

  2. Plan well ahead with 3-4 weeks of flexibility, there are types of cherry blossoms that you can work around.

  3. Be prepared to get up early.

Share in the comments what excites you the most to have a photoshoot in London during the blossoming season.

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