How to find your purpose for a life with meaning?

How to find your purpose for a life with meaning?

Did you even ever have time to think about a life purpose? I can imagine you, busy, juggling a career and family or just the latter, thinking about purpose seems like a luxury, although I invite you through this post to think about how you want to be remembered in this life. I can hear you hey I don’t want to think about death and I get you, no one wants to, it’s part of life though and taking time to determine your purpose now will give you the feeling of a life well lived.

How to find your purpose for a meaningful life

Finding your life purpose isn’t an easy task and the answer is not obvious to find, you will get a clue when taking more time for yourself, being on your own, journaling, meditating, thinking about what you want to achieve in this life. You might quickly discover that it is not climbing the career ladder or have a mansion, no it will be more simple, in relation to making a difference to people.

When we’re young we don't have time to think about a purpose, too busy partying, chasing boys or dreaming about climbing the career ladder until we wake up one day with the feeling of a huge hangover, thinking is this it? The wake up call is usually in relation with milestones in our life, having our first child, getting married, moving, the loss of a loved one, getting older and wiser.

What we want is our life to be useful, bringing changes, a life with meaning. Finding your purpose will give you a different insight on life, motivate you to get up in the morning, and fulfil you with happiness so what are you waiting for?

Start with knowing thyself better

Explore who you are, for this you will need to dedicate time to yourself, start, with meditation, yoga, go running in nature, everywhere where you’re a 100% focused and not multitasking thinking about the latest groceries shopping list or the evening menu.

What fills you with joy?

What makes you happy, when do you feel alive? What are you doing? Feeling is the key, think about the last time you were overcome by emotion when someone said thank you about something you did for them, where you having a dinner party? Cooking for friends? Volunteering?

Expand your horizons

Read about topics you would never touch, get out of your comfort zone, be curious, think why not and try it. Then investigate, how do you feel trying new things , did you discover a new passion?

Change your routine

If you walk to work the same way everything day, find a new one, try new activities on the weekend, take time off with the kids, put the wash load at the back of the priority list, get out in the park with the kids, the dog, read new books, go to the movies, have conversations, the idea here is to help you discover what makes you tick.

Write it down

Write about your findings, what did you find out, what don’t you like, what do you love? If you want to try a new direction in your career why don’t you start talking to people who’re doing what you would love to do, find practical ways to put in action.

Work with a coach

If it all gets too much and you need someone to hold space for you to think about your life purpose, where you want to go next and how to get there, get help. Coaching helps to look into the future and create a plan to take action about the goals you would like to achieve, it can be a great way to finally get you unstuck and find your life purpose.

Don’t despair

If you’re still can’t find your purpose give it time. Don’t force it and spend more time meditating, journaling, trying new things, be connected to your feeling, your emotions and build up from there.

Have you found your life purpose please share it the comments, I would love to hear about it.

Rachel xx

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