How to be more YOU!

How to be more YOU!

How can you be more you, more audacious, more alive? Has it daunted on you for how long you've put yourself on the back burner and completely forgotten yourself?

How often do you take time to reflect, is this really me? Do I really want this? How do I feel about this? I guess not very often. The privilege that comes with getting older is that we suddenly wake up realising that there's not a lot of time to play around for not taking action.

How to be more you!

How to be more you!

There's also no time, to keep waiting for Prince Charming, the perfect job, hoping that someone will discover our hidden talents and say to us we've been waiting for someone like YOU! Yeah, that only happens in Bridget Jones movies! Whatever your dream, ambitions, what are you waiting for?

The first step in the process is to become MORE YOU! Remember that girl who was fearless, super ambitious, didn't give a care in the world about what others were thinking of her? Yes, that one where has she gone? I will tell you, she's been defeated, putting others first, trying to fit in, pleasing others, not thinking about herself!

It's time to regain your power, leave all the artefacts at the door, stripe away the women who's so not you and embrace your true self! What do you think of that?

Here are 10  steps to help you take back your power.

  • Learn to say no! It's ok to say no, the world will not stop because you defiantly said no.

  • Be more audacious, take risks, ok I'm not saying jump of a cliff, go for what you've always wanted to learn. No, it's not too late, to become a yoga teacher, learn to cook, travel the world, become a film director. Put your mind to it and take action

  • Take action! Read the quote below!

Nothing Works unless you do
— Maria Angelou

Be bolder, follow your heart and stay in the present if you start to think how old you are it might put a halt not taking action, keep going, if you need more inspiration have a look at this wonderful website, only featuring active people over 70!

  • Don't give up learning, working, it's not too late to start a new career.

  • Embrace your style, always dreamed to wear biker's leather jacket what are you waiting for?

  • Put yourself in Audrey Hepburn shoes, if you're hold back by, I can't do that, I shouldn't, think what would Audrey do?

  • Stop hiding, who cares what others think, this is your life, so chase your dreams, show yourself, tell what you're after, no one will come knocking on your door! (it took me a long time to give up on this one!!)

  • Do something every day that will take you where you want to be, it might be insignificant, but a move is better than standing still.

  • Keep smiling, be happy, remember the girl who had so much fun? If you want to run bare feet on the grass go for it!

The list could go on, all you have to remember is this girl who felt free and powerful at some point in your life and welcome her back into your life. You will feel so much more confident and fearless as a result! 

Rachel xx

Tell us in the comments what will you do today towards becoming more YOU!

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