Hone your personal style

Hone your personal style

Among the things that I enjoy getting older, being more confident with my clothing style is one of them. Feeling stronger about who you're and how you want show off in the world, is constant work in progress. As we advance in age, there is a now or never urge, so if you've always been a punk art heart you should embrace it now, i.e Dame Vivienne Westwood is an amazing example on how to embrace your style and not  give a dam.


I think we should do the same! What is there to lose? Unless you dream of wearing a potato sack or hide in granny clothes it's time that you finally dress as you please. I remember from my corporate job days wearing work style suits, most of these suits were nicely tailored nothing to say against them but selecting them in navy or black how boring! 

Today if I'm wearing a suit I much prefer white, it not only makes you look amazing, you also stand out. I noticed that I feel stronger about wearing colours, red is my colour, for years it was blue, easier not to get noticed wearing navy blue, on the other hand red will have you noticed. Why do I want to wear stronger colour? Nothing to do with arrogance, I'm much more confident about who I'm and how I want to show up in the world. With my mission to help women stepping into their power, I'm the perfect example of it, as I did it!

How brave do you feel embracing a style that will have you noticed? One with people wondering, what's going on with her? Where do you start?

1. Look at role models

Who is a great role model for you? My role models are Helene Mirren, Robin Wright, Sharon Stone. Who are yours? This will help you give you an ideal image of the style you're aiming for. You don't have to be like them, style is mainly about attitude and confidence. It will give you an idea of the style of clothes you would love to wear, to try on, instead of thinking am I too old for that?

2. Reinvent the classics

The basic white shirt, the slouchy trousers, the 501 jeans,  the leather blazer, add silver jewellery, a tux jacket, or wear a jumpsuit. Then try to find pieces inspired by these classics with a twist. Focus on a few nicely tailored pieces mixed with some casual items. 

Brands to look at

  • ME + EM

  • Next

  • Madeleine

3. Create a mood board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great search engine, not only to search the latest recipes. Create a secret board and start pinning images of styles you like, forget about ages or size, you can refine that later, just follow your heart and play. Once you have about 15 images you will have a better grasp of what you like and how you imagine yourself. Don't forget to add images of your role models.

4. Choose a date where you will wear your new outfit 

Now that you're ready to hone your new style, take action and show yourself in this new style. Choose a meaningful event or date to celebrate the new YOU!

Tell me in the comments what is your new style!

Rachel xx