Helping you get your mojo back - Week 12. Your time is now

Helping you get your mojo back - Week 12. Your time is now

This is our last week, and I am determined to help you moving into change. Here is a quick summary of the work we did during these 12 weeks. ( SOMEHOW I HAVE MISSED WEEK SIX!)

Week One - Evaluating your starting point

Week Two - Actions to take to move forward, choosing your path

Week Three - Vision your new path

Week Four - A deeper look into what is holding you back

Week Five - Making yourself accountable for your decisions to change

Week Seven - Understanding your why to help you stick to your plan

Week Eight - Finding partners in crime for support in your journey for change

Week Nine - Giving yourself permission for change

Week Ten - Celebrating every step you make in the process

Week Eleven - Get unstuck with self love

Did you find every excuse, like I am too busy, no time, the kids, the job, the husband, my mother, not to put any changes in places after all these weeks?


Be reassured I'm not here to judge you, only to help you be this gorgeous, amazing woman that you are, that deserves to make her mark into the world!

If you feel you stuck and can't move physically, the first thing to consider is your mind-set. Mind-set is basically everything!

I will start with a list of books that will help you with mind-set:

  • The power of now by Eckhart Tolle

This book will basically bring you back into the Now. It will help and remind you that your fears and anxieties are all in the past or future but not to the NOW, the exact moment you are in.  So when you know that change is just a question of time but seems so unattainable, step back or forward and get back in the now. It will calm your mind down and give you breathing time. 

  • Another mind-blowing book is Loving What is by Katie Byron

Our mind has a way to tell us stories that do not exist, Katie has found a very simple way to questions our thoughts to help us move on and free ourselves from negative thoughts that block us.

  • A return to love by Marianne Williamson

This is an updated version of her initial book a course of miracles. Love is the best healer for all our curse. 

With this 12 weeks helping you getting your mojo back, I hope, I could create some shift in your life, too often we're longing for change and just go on with the day to day, thinking it will never happen until it’s too late and you wake up on the wrong side of 70! 

I'm not saying that it's too late! My aim is to give you the opportunity to make the most of your time, embrace every minute of life, make it something meaningful. There is no better time than now to embrace your true purpose and get your mojo working! And if you need more help that's fine, sometimes we’re too stuck and need a pro's insight to help us vision the change, show us that we have the power.

How do you feel now? Like a new woman, got for it, the world needs you!!