Helping you get your mojo back - Week 10. Celebrate Every Step!

Welcome back to the get your mojo back blog series, we are in the last three weeks, and it is now more than two months that we started this process. Did you notice any progress, are you despising yourself because you did not do enough, not made any progress. STOP! Everybody has their very own personal story, and there is no point comparing yourself to someone else, every steps count.

This week is all about celebrating every step, even a baby step, or a slight move, just reading these posts is the sign of progress, so please stop being mean to yourself. Think how are you going to celebrate?


I might have some ideas for you here's a list of 10:

  • Have brunch with your hubby, lover, somewhere nice, no Sunday cooking for you, leave the kids at home and let the Sunday go by

  • Buy a pair of Louboutins

  • Choose a new perfume, avoid mainstream brands find your signature style with names like Miller Harris, L'Artisan Parfumeur or Editions de Parfum Fréderic Malle.

  • Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Masons or the best patisserie in your town

  • Book a massage

  • Take time out to celebrate with a walk along the beach

  • Order take away dinner and watch a movie with the family

  • Buy that new paint brushes, book a cooking course whatever you discovered you wanted to learn more about

  • Buy that handbag that has been on your wish list for ages

  • Go to the cinema to watch two movies back to back


I can hear you saying; I can't spend this money on myself. Of course, you can, who are you not to deserve it? I want you to celebrate each step, each progress, new decisions you made in moving forward instead of standing still. Standing still is easy, change is difficult but without taking action, nothing will change, or the wrong decisions will be made for you. 

My motto is, take control; you are in the pilot seat, you will get your mojo back when you feel in control of your life again, so do it!

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

— André Gide

Stay tuned for next week where I discuss the big topic about self -love. If you are not on the mailing list then its time to sign up!