Helping you get your mojo back - 7. Stick to your plan

Another week has gone by, how are you getting along? Here is a summary on what we've been working on so far. 

From week one I've helped you

  • Figuring out your starting point

  • Taking action and moving forward

  • Bring your vision to life

  • Looking into what's holding you back

  • Making yourself accountable


This week I will help you stick to your plan to get your mojo working. We all know how easy it is to make new years resolutions after too much feasting around Christmas and New Year, when can't stand a piece of chocolate or glass of Champagne in sight. When overindulgence just feels too much it so easy to say stop!

Unfortunately, once we get back into normality it's just too easy to drop the resolutions and say sod it. Do you remember, your New Years 's resolutions dropped after mid-January this year?

We usually can't hold them because there is no WHY behind it. We tend to set resolutions for the sake of making changes in our life, often it's not about change but peer pressure, or we're fed up with something, angry even may be?

Forget what everybody else thinks and follow your plan.

Keep at it! Do it step by step. Understanding the WHY behind your motivations will help you keep focused on the end goal. 

Your action this week will be to find your WHY? Why do you want a change, what will you gain from it. Once you understand the true desire for change and not just because you feel you have to, it will help you shift your will power and make it easier for you. 

All this work on your own can feel really lonely, next we will be talking about teaming with someone to help you reach you goals. Until then have a great weeks.