Helping you get your mojo back - 5. Make yourself accountable

How are you going along in your process of getting your mojo working?

Now that you've got clarity about how you will get your mojo back and reclaim your identity it is time to establish some kind of plan to make sure you stay on track. As I explained in week 3, it is important not to let yourself crush down by little voices that might hold you back. It's normal to feel fear once you step out of the comfort zone, just try to ignore the voices or find a motto that will help you shadow the negatives words. 


Try something like I'm a wonderful women and a successful.... (what ever you want to be !)

Your action plan for this week:

  • Find a partner in crime, tell the world about your projects. Set deadlines in your google calendar with email reminders.

  • Write a blog about your journey and share it with the world.

  • Tell your family, share your plan, get support, join a network or creative class. Speak about your plan to everyone. Spread the word, set a charity challenge for it.

  • If you're thinking about booking a trip, a cooking, or painting class, book it now and pay your deposit, you'll be less reluctant to go once you've committed to it!

Share your project in the comments, let the world know how you're getting along!