Helping you get your mojo back - 4. What is holding you back?

Following on week 1,2,3 on helping you set your starting point with the idea of moving forward, this week we consider what is holding you back, and help you go beyond your fears.


This week it is Back to reality. Remember how easy it is to dream, create a vision, pretend your life is what you imagined, it feels like playing? Like going back to childhood when we were allowed to have fun, with no boundaries. The hard truth is that your fears will come back to haggle you ten folds.

You might suddenly revert to being very busy, trying everything to stop your thoughts in their track, either fall in a complete stage of inertia, with a little voice telling you that you've left it too late, this looks ridiculous, you have yet to become successful.

Acknowledge and understand your fears, they will always be there! Don't let them hold you back, though, change your perception, ask yourself is this true?

Take time to think about what has been holding you back to now. I'm sure you had these dreams a long time ago, but life took its path, you forgot yourself in the process and woke up on the wrong side of 40!

Your task for this week

Write it down, take three major holds back and write a solution next to it. If this scares you, close your notebook or journal, take a walk, have a coffee with friends and come back to it.  It will be key to understand what has been holding you back up,  work up a solution for it.

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.’
— Marie Curie