Helping you get your mojo back - 1. Your Starting Point

You acknowledge, you've definitely lost your identity and it's time for you to take action about bringing the changes that you so dramatically long for in your life. In the 12 blog posts series, I will give you baby steps to help you move forward and get your mojo back. 


In this post, we're starting from the beginning.

It doesn't sound obvious but figuring out where you're at this moment  in your life and why you think you need a change can help assessing your current situation. Make a list of what's not working for you anymore.

Your elements of response could be:

  • I want more meaning in my life

  • I want to put myself first

  • My job is no longer serving me

  • I have always dreamed of moving to...

  • I want to spend more time with my family

  • I want to be more creative

  • I want to do something that makes me happy

  • I have always dreamed of ...

Action to take

Start a journal about your journey. Write down everything that comes to mind. Allocate specific time for your writing and write without censoring yourself.