Headshot or personal branding what's the difference?

You must have noticed by now; we're living in a world where visuals are everything. Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, website, marketing, prints. The first step we take when we browse a new website is going to the about page. It can be rather disappointing to visit a business website with little or no information about the person behind it, another downfall is the overuse of bland stock photographs. I've recently spoken to a website designer who said he abhors stock photography, it would be refreshing for a business to create their own images for branding.

So what's the difference between a headshot and personal branding photoshoot? A headshot is by definition a type of photograph that we use on the passport, driving licences, LinkedIn profile but it doesn't tell much about yourself, and it makes us look just one of the same in a crowd of profiles. 


Personal branding has a personality attached to it, which means a personal branding portrait tells about yourself, makes you more approachable and elevates your brand. It doesn’t stop at portraits though and can include headshots, portraits, action and details shots telling your business' story. Personal branding is used in an array of posts, i.e., social media profile, prints, brochures, ads, promotions, flyers, business cards, about page, contact page, newsletters, in magazine features, articles, even your dating profile the list is endless! The idea with a personal branding photo shoot is to know you and your brand better, understand your message, what you’re trying to communicate and where and how you want to use your images. 

It will also require some effort on your side to figure what your brand's about and how you want to be portrayed, the request I often receive from clients is "I want to look approachable but still professional" what does approachable mean to you? Your brand might be better suited for an on location photo shoot rather than in the studio, it is all down to you. My aim with a personal branding photo shoot is to give you the opportunity to be yourself not just a face framed inside a border. 

These words by Fredrik Eklund summarise everything about showing yourself in your brand. 

You are your brand. Failure to share yourself in an open, honest way is a costly miscalculation. Who doesn’t want to be around someone who’s comfy in their own skin? On the contrary, who likes hanging around phonies?... Who were you as a carefree six-year-old, before the world taught you to play it safe and blend in with everyone else? Find yourself; be yourself; sell yourself.”-
— Fredrik Eklund

 Rachel xx

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