Choose a role model to help you move forward

Choose a role model to help you move forward

Why would you've a role model? Having a role model, it could be your mum, your aunt, grandmother or a person of influence, is like having someone to look up to, that will encourage you to take action and propel you on the right tracks.


 Talking to other women, I feel there’s a real quest for more authenticity.  Realising that our personal clock is ticking is a positive motivator to make the most of life and acknowledge who we are. It's not as we wake up one day and say I want to be this person today. To be honest, we've known for far too long who we wanted to be, just too scared though to step out in the limelight and declare, hello this is me from now on, I will be a badass!

It takes a lot of courage to let go of the tricks we have been playing all along to make us believe that we should stay put in the life we've created under the influence of parents, society, envy? I'm probably guilty of a few, for a long time I hesitated between becoming career women or finding a way to escape the corporate rat race only to realise that not having any other purpose than money was making me heartbroken. I tried housewife for a while and don't regret giving time to my children, but then struggled going back to work, having to start again at the bottom of the scale (goodbye career woman!) at entry level. It took a lot of teeth grinding and fist clenching to survive the boredom of doing a job that I could do with my eyes closed. 

As we get older, making massive efforts to fit in, feels like we're going to burst. It's like all the seams on our clothes are going to split with each frustration you breathe in, trying not to speak up and say sod it to the job, while reason is telling you to hold on, you're not ready to quit yet!

When I started working as a professional photographer, I looked up at photographer role models like Sue Bryce, Carla Coulson, Christa Meola, Elizabeth Gilbert, before that I'd to listen to people telling me that it would be impossible to earn a living just focusing on photographing women! What's the point to quit your job, trying to fit into a mould again, to resent what you do? Like my role models I prefer to get up every day loving what I do, these women have shown me the way and what I can aspire to.

Choosing a role model will show you the path, that where ever you are aiming for, it's possible, choose wisely, be inspired. Like cooking, you don't have to apply every lesson from your role model, learn from them, educate yourself, add your chemistry to the mix to create it your way. Good luck with it, I would love to hear your stories about who is your role model what did has she/he taught you.