Find your signature style in 5 simple steps

Find your signature style in 5 simple steps

Simple is beautiful, it doesn't mean unsophisticated, frumpy, mundane or cheap. You might be after some some ideas for your Valentine's day night out. I will give three ideas to transform you from everyday to glam in a minute. 

We all have days when we want to make minimum effort and prefer to look like a cow girl rather than a sophisticated dame. When I am speaking about simple things, I have accessories or make up in mind that can change the way you feel or your attitude for the day, items that will be considered as your style basics, and will add a dash of sophistication without too much effort, easy simple.



 Here are my top five "simple things" that will put a smile on your face (tried and tested by myself! Consider these items as investment pieces that you will be part of your signature style!

1.Red lipstick

This is a very simple trick, if you have never tried before, I would highly recommend trying some red lipstick, it does wonders to bring out the woman inside. Some favourites:

Rouge Allure Gloss by Chanel. I have tried a few other red lipstick and find matt ones more difficult to wear with a mature skin. The gloss looks shiny with a bit of transparency which works just fine to transcend your lips. My favourite rouge Pirate 19.

I realised that with my skin tone, cold tones are much more suited and when choosing more traditional lipstick, fuchsia and raspberry tones work better for me than red. If you unsure about what colour is best for you try them on. Try at a make up counter in your favourite department store to get the perfect colour match. A red with dark pink tones might suit you better than a red with oranges tones. Consider your lipstick like a precious item, invest in quality and keep it in your handbag to wear it when you need a dash of confidence.

Get tested for the best colour tones to match your skin tones it will save you hours trying to find the perfect colour! Other favourites by Chanel are Rouge Allure 145 Rayonnante and Rouge Velvet 58.

2.Red nail varnish.

I could never imagine myself wearing red nail varnish when I was in my 20s, too sophisticated, too serious, too femme fatale. Growing in age, I feel ready to wear red. Again I find it will give you an ounce of sophistication, comfort your style and identity. Nail varnish can be hit and miss, I have tried a few cheaper ones but they seem to crack very easily after applying or was it me doing too much house cleaning with nail varnish on?

My selection is Chanel  if you are investing the money do not hesitate to test at the make up counter to find the right colour.

3.A pair of Louboutin shoes.

I have to admit, this might break your bank account, at £425 a pair, consider buying a pair as an investment (the other option is to try ebay), it's not a pair of shoes that you will wear every day, only for the days when you want to bring out the femme fatale and feel really special. Wearing a pair of stilettos will certainly add poise and grace to your walk, even if it is just to walk from the taxi to the restaurant table. After years of dreaming about a pair, I finally acquired on, they look amazing wearing them with a Burberry mac, on a photo shoot. I can't wear them for long but make you feel very special. 

4.Black mascara

After trying, navy blue, purple and brown mascara, I came back to basics with black mascara and have not found anything better to make my lashes looking more luscious. My selection by mac 3D Black

5.Finding your signature scent

Do you have a perfume you always come back to? Then consider this as your signature scent, I have fallen in love with :

Dolce Vita by Christian Dior, it came out in the early 90s, after trying a few others, I have always come back to "Dolce Vita", it's a scent I love and get the most compliments, when I wear it.

Coco By Chanel is another one that I love! The heart notes are jasmin and patchouli which I can't resist.

Have you tried and tested "simple things" that made you feel more women and more confident? Leave a comment with your own top 3 or more.

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Rachel xx