Galia Lahav Couture - Paris Fashion Show

"I sent you an invitation via email", it was that simple, thank you Audrey! 

For years I had never asked anything! didn't understand what having a supporting network meant. I thought asking for help was being a failure and I was supposed to succeed by myself. I've finally realised that working with a team, having a supporting network is key to move forward in life and in your business.


Last Wednesday I boarded the 8.51 train for Paris with a tremor or excitement.  Since I was a teen it was my dream to be invited at a Haute Couture Fashion Show. I think I had completely given up on it, until I finally asked another photographer for advice on how to get an invite to one of the shows and she so kindly accepted to help me.


I arrived at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris early, there was already a queue of pro photographers with heavy gear, waiting at the entrance. I managed to get in with my invitation, and felt a sense of relief, I was in!

The interior was all dark, with beautiful wooden floors, two lines of benches on each side with invitations cards placed next to each other and a large walkway in the middle. I joined Audrey and entered backstage, there were at least another 10 photographers, all pro carrying portable lighting gears in one hand and a camera in the other, to photograph the models, it looked liked it was a well geared routine for them. At first it took me a while to find my marks but then switched on my story telling hat and started to photograph around. 


The Galia Lahav show was Haute-Couture and would only display 16 dresses in total with 16 models, all the dresses hanging ready, assorted with the a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes. So who is  Galia Lahav

In their own words this is what they say

a dress designer who specialises in bridal and evening couture designs  with the aim to create luxury dresses. Her dresses are not modest rather extravagant and intricate in beautiful design

I already had the opportunity to photograph one of their bridal gowns during a styled shoot and loved her feminine designs with a focus on lace, tulle and floaty fabrics.

The pressure was mounting backstage, the make-up artists and hair dressers adding their final touches. The dresses were all super glam, with sparkles and fine details so the make-up was kept very soft and subdued.  We were asked to leave the backstage when the girls got changed.


Outside the hall was starting to fill up with guests. The atmosphere quiet, everything well organised. The show was already 30 minutes late, when an energetic music started to play in the room and the spot lights went on.  The first girl in the show started to walk through the curtain, and all your attention is focused on the girls. They all have the perfect poise, walking in harmony, they all looked so beautiful. I was in a privileged position to photograph the show, I didn't want to join the podium they had set up for the photographers at the end, I had rather stayed in the middle of the guests.

The ballets of floaty fabrics and Louboutin shoes was a delight to watch, it all went very quickly as I was focused on getting the best pictures I could. The Designer Galia Lahav came out at the end of the show to be cheered by the guests. It was all over in a flash but the experience I went through was a dream come true.

I am proof that dreams come true, you just have to ask for help!

What do you want to retain from this blog post?

  • It's never too late to follow your dreams

  • Don't hesitate to ask for help

  • Believe in yourself!

  • Get support from your network and people you know

Now tell me in the comments what would a dream come true for you be? And What you're going to do to work at it?


Until next week, share this post, send love.

Rachel xx